User Irina Krivega

There was a great impression from visiting the clinic. We searched for a CT scan of the hand, as it was injured. We were late in the evening, pre-recorded, everything went unexpectedly smooth. The CT scan was sent the next day as promised. Incredibly pleasant and attentive administrator, I would like it to note separately :-) We wish you success! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Viktoriya

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the doctor I. V. Linnik. One can rarely meet such doctors! She is constantly follows us up (we were looking for a good doctor for our child for a very long time). The appointment lasts a long time, the doctor asks many questions, answers everything, looks at the child carefully, understands the problem, prescribes effective treatment, and gives good advice. You can always contact her at any time. Doctor with a capital letter! I recommend to everyone! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Yulija

On 02.07.20 I have seeked a medical advice because of spasms and the fever of my kid.. I would like to thank the team that treated us for the high professionalism and the care we got. Pediatric anesthetist, nurse Natasha, pediatrician Maria - my personal thanks to you. You are the best! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Inna Poletun

Great clinic. I strongly recommend. Here were finished torments, my mom has been suffering for a long time from. Since 2014 we have tried different treatment in different clinics. We have treated pancreatitis, gastritis and much more. Elderly patient (age 83 years), she has suffered from the severe pain in the lower abdomen, kept a very strict diet with no result in the end. Fortunately, we seeked for advice to the Manufactura clinic. On 10 June 2020 we did a spine's MRI and on 16 June 2020 mom underwent gastrofibroscopy and colonoscopy under sedation. I sincerely thank all the doctors: radiologist A.Belilovets, anesthetist S.Kondratskyendoscopist A.Kalyuzhny, neurologist S.Wovk, and all the clinic’s medical staff. Thank you very much for your attention, professionalism, an integrated approach to the problem and humanity. I wish health to the all employees and clinic's patients, and to the clinic I wish a prosperity. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Lera Suvertok

I have visited the clinic twice with severe back pain. Masseur Andrei is truly a professional. Corrects neatly and quickly. I left the clinic completely renewed. He corrects even the hidden and not suspected issues. He has great hands. And the clinic is nice, the staff is polite. Thank you for being. And special thanks to the masseur! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Pavel Pavel

Pleasantly surprised by the service! We applied to the girl's at reception desk when we discharged from hospital, very sincere and polite, it is clear the person is in place. She quickly resolved all questions, and on further application she always approached and asked whether the help was necessary. Thank you for the attitude and attitude of your employees! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

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