Patient Olga

I have visited  neurologist, Dr. Wovk for a consultation. I am very satisfied with the results and prescriptions. All is essentially and nothing extra.

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Patient Oksana

I want to thank Prof.Smolanka for his work and high professionalism, his certitude and support to severe patients. Thank you for the effective surgery, thank you for my life.

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Patient Yuliya

With all my heart I want to thank all the staff of the maternity ward of "Manufactura" clinic for your effectiveness, diligence, high professionalism, your kindness and your great skills! Thanks to your assisance, such a difficult stage in a woman's life has left with only pleasant memories to me! Many thanks to my dear doctor Olena Yuzefivna! You are the Godblessed doctor, the Master! You gifted me a new world - the world of happy motherhood!

(The feedback from our website)

User olen olen

There is an excellent neurologist Svitlana Yuriivna Vovk. My visit lasted an hour and during this hour I'd got a detailed and attentive examination. Anything excessive or unapproachable was not prescribed. All was according to my state. Already after a couple of hours of taking the prescribed drugs, I began to recover. I was also prescribed a vascular ultrasound and accompanying analyzes. I am happy with the result. Thank you for your qualified help. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

User Michael SH

Good and reliable clinic in country side. Comfortable room for intensive therapy. Cosy court where relatives can have a talk with doctors. Good treatment for older people which is not typical for many other clinics. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

User Nataliya Kamenska

I went to the clinic twice: to surgeon Chetvertushkin Valery Valeryevich and Trishnovsky Mykola Ivanovych. I'm glad to note that the doctors were professional and experienced, showing high humane attitude and culture, they were extremely attentive and tolerant. I was given qualified help and pleasantly surprised that the doctors were not categorical firmly prescribing the treatment, but were attentive to my specific condition(since I am allergic). They are the doctors with whome there is a desire to keep communication and get medical advice. By the way, while waiting for the test results, doctors constantly kept on touch with me. I want to say a few words about the modern equipment of the clinic, perfect cleanness and friendly staff. Sincere thanks to the doctors for the help. I strongly recommend V.Chetvertushkin and M.Trishnovsky as a high professional doctors. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

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