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«Особистий кабінет пацієнта»

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Health certificates

Medical examination by profiled doctors and issuing certificates on demand

A quick and high-quality examination of the health by profiled doctors makes it possible to obtain the necessary information and make sure that there are no contraindications or get a professional medical advice. We do not allow formal examinations and provide conclusions and comments regarding your health. Conducting a medical examination to obtain a health certificate at the place of demand does not require much time, but draws the attention, first of all the patient's one, to his physical condition.

Health reference for waterpools

Medical examination before swimming pool and sports activities.

The medical certificate, form 028/o, is issued to confirm the absence of diseases transmitted through the water, as well as to assess the health state, determine the contraindications and to appoint an appropriate health group, which gives the patient an important understanding of personal sports workout level in order to get health benefits.

How to get the necessary medical certificate

To schedule a medical examination for certificate, call the administrator of the Manufactura clinic at the contact phone number listed on the website. We will inform you about the schedule of the profiled doctors's admission, choose a convenient time for examination and documents registration.