Medical cards

Official medical record based on preventive medical examination

Our goal is not a formal filling out of documents, but a real health examination and doctor's reports. Checking the state of health in connection with the professional features, including those associated with harmful enterprises, is necessary not only for assessing professional suitability, but also for health care and timely correction. All doctors of the «Manufactura clinic»  medical center have mandatory certificates of professional development directly at the occupational pathology. We do not allow examination by an inappropriate specialist. We take full responsibility for the organization of the process, and you get the final act based on the results of the inspection. Remember that although this is a relatively new type of medical service, preliminary and periodic examinations are required. Contact us for quality results.

Medical card for sanatorium treatment

Medical examination and documents for sanatorium treatment

Manufactura Clinic provides a medical examinations of adults to refer them for all types sanatorium treatment (except for tuberculosis), and issues the sanitary card, form 072 /o.

How to organize a medical examination for employees

To sign up for a periodic or preliminary medical examination, call the administrator of the Manufactura clinic at the contact phone number listed on the website. The department is fully equipped with narrow-profile specialists. Therefore, it is possible to collect a commission of specialists from different fields of medicine. Their competence includes determining the presence or absence of occupational pathology, contraindications to further work in the framework of each individual specialty. The list of doctors may vary depending on the specifics of work, working conditions, gender and age of the employee.