Linnik, Iryna Volodymyrivna

Pediatric-infectious disease physician

Experience since 1988

Category: high since 2005

Qualification: doctor of pediatric-infectious diseases

Alma Mater: Gorky's Donetsk State Medical Institute

  • Faculty of Pediatrics, specialty pediatrician.
  • Internship on infectious diseases, pediatric-infectious disease specialist.
  • Training and thematic courses, participation in international medical symposia, forums and congresses.

Working experience:

  • 1988-2011, acting head of the Children’s Infectious Diseases Department, pediatric infectious disease specialist of the admission department, department of mixed infections (intestinal, neuroinfection, respiratory), hepatitis department at the central city clinical  hospital in Donetsk.
  • since 2012, CJSC «Biofarma», marketing department manager, deputy head of the Social Services Department.
  • since 2017, Medical Center Manufactura Clinic», doctor of pediatric-infectious, specialist in infection control and safety, chairman of the Infection Control Commission.

Performing medical services:

  • medical care and consultative services;
  • specialist in infection control and safety;
  • performing lumbar puncture, catheterization of peripheral veins, ECG removal, etc.

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