Smolanka, Ivan (Sr.)

Surgical oncologist

Experience: since 1984

Category: High. Candidate of Medicine.

Qualification: surgical oncologist.

Alma mater: Uzhgorod State University, in the specialty «Medical Care».

Postgraduate education:

  • 1984, completed a clinical residency at the National Cancer Institute, in the specialty «Oncology».
  • 1987, graduated from the Postgraduate study at the Kyiv Research X-ray Radiology and Oncology Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • 1997, thoracic Surgery Internship at Bromton Royal Hospital (London).
  • 2001, second internship at Bromton Royal Hospital (London) on a personal invitation.

Experience and achievements:

  • Since 1984, works at the National Cancer Institute in the positions: junior research scientist, senior research scientist, leading researcher of tumors of the abdominal and thoracic cavity.
  • 2003 - head of the Research Department of Breast Tumors and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • 1988, «Combined modality treatment of pancreatic cancer» thesis defence as a Candidate of Medicine.
  • 2001, «Combined modality treatmen of lung cancer» PhD thesis defence.
  • 2007, got academic rank as a professor.
  • since 2005, Chief Oncologist at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Membership in organizations:

  • member of the European Society of Clinical Oncologists (ESMO).
  • member of the Academic Council of the National Cancer Institute and of the Specialized Doctoral Dissertation Scientific Council
  • member of the problem committee "Malignant neoplasms".
  • member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Fields of scientific and practical researches:

  • development of treatment of lungs and breast malignant neoplasms.


  • author of 257 scientific papers, including 3 monographs.
  • 15 state patents of Ukraine.
  • author of 25 inventions.

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