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UHF therapy

Ultra high frequency therapy (UHF therapy) is one of the Physical therapy's methods helping to treat and restore the health after injuries and maladies. This is an apparatus method using electromagnetic fields of ultra high frequency, which forwardes the generated heat to the tissues and organs and causes a number of physicochemical processes, providing the therapeutic effect.

Body's physiological reactions to the UHF therapy are associated with the intensity of the created and applied electromagnetic field. For example, a low-intensity field performs an anti-inflammatory effect, enhancing blood and lymph flow in tissues; a field with greater intensity stimulates metabolic processes well and accelerates the nutrition and vital activity of cells, but on the other hand a high-intensity field enhances inflammation. This is a reason of presciving the course of UHF therapy individually, considering the disease severity and the pathology process stage.

The UHF therapy's performance has been proved in practice and came into use almost in all medicine fields. Alongside to mentioned anti-inflammatory effect the electromagnetic therapy is effective in angenesis of the tissues affected by a disease or trauma. Creating a kind of protective barrier around the inflammatory focus the UHF therapy improves tissue metabolism and reduces vascular permeability, vascular and muscle spasm, relieving the pain and restoring patient's performance.

Indications for UHF therapy

  • sick conditions after injuries and diseases like: osteochondrosis with the neurological symptoms, bone fractures, subacute osteomyelitis, acute and subacute myositis, rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis, tendovaginitis, epicondylitis;
  • osteoarthritis with reactive synovitis;
  • joint diseases like: acute and subacute arthritis, periarthritis, exacerbation of chronic arthrosis and arthrosis-arthritis;
  • consequences of spinal cord injury and peripheral nerves;
  • soft tissue diseases, tendons, hematomas, progressive muscular dystrophies;
  • acute and chronic inflammatory processes, including purulent if there are pus outflow in musculoskeletal, skin and subcutaneous diseases, like: boils, carbuncles, abscesses, hydradenitis, panaritium, phlegmon, frostbite, and trophic wounds;
  • vascular diseases: obliterative endarteritis, Raynaud's disease;
  • peripheral nervous diseases and pathology processes like: neuralgia, radiculitis, phantom pain;
  • respiratory inflammation;
  • ENTs inflammation and Acute Respiratory Syndrome;
  • digestive tract's inflammation;
  • gynecology and urology inflammatory diseases;
  • dental inflammation after surgery or purulent diseases.

Contraindications to UHF therapy:

  • pregnancy
  • fever
  • bacterial infections
  • inflammatory purulent processes with no pus outflow
  • coagulation disorders, venous thrombosis
  • cardiovascular insufficiency
  • coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, persistent angina
  • hypertension of 3 stage 
  • hypotonic disease
  • malignant tumors
  • metal implants or heart pacemaker
  • UHF therapy is also not performed: before surgery (less than a month), if a fresh plaster or a wet bandage is placed, for 3-4 days after X-ray of the stomach, if there are papillomas and moles in the affected area.

How the UHF is performed:

The procedure does not require any special preparations. A patient is lying down during the therapy and a phisician selects and applies electrodes corresponding to ​​the UHF area as well as the dose of electromagnetic fluxes. Any metal objects shall be avoid in the applied area: dentures, earrings, chains and piercings. The procedure lasts from 5 to 16 minutes, and is carried out with 10-15 of sessions per a treating course. Sometimes it is neccessary to increase a sessions amounts during the course. Sessions can be scheduled every day or in a day.

UHF for newborns and children:

  • UHF therapy can be used just a few days after the birth of a child;
  • There are used a low-term dosing and by low-powered devices only: children under 7 years in is indicated a power of no more than 30 watts, children of school age - no more than 40 watts;
  • For children under five years it is required to bandage electrods at the applicated area, and a pad shall be used between the electrodes plates and the skin;
  • UHF therapy is used no more than twice a year for children;
  • The duration of the UHF procedure depends on the child's age, and the course consists of 5 to 10 sessions, no more.

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