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A physician with extensive knowledge of heart and vascular health chooses a treatment schedule tailored to the patient's cardiac disease, contraindications, and individual sensitivity to the medication. In case of suspected autoimmune component of the disease, additional examination and consultation is performed by a cardio-rheumatologist.

The primary task of cardiologists is to thoroughly diagnose the condition of the heart and blood vessels, even in a pre-clinical condition, when there are no complaints yet or they are insignificant for the patient. The specialists of the Manufactora Clinic are guided by the basics of preventive cardiology, focusing on prevention in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of various diseases related to the cardiovascular system. First and foremost, these are conditions associated with an increase or decrease in blood pressure (hypertension, autonomic hypertension or hypotonic dysfunction), cardiac rhythm and conduction disorders, vascular atherosclerosis and its consequences (coronary heart disease, cardiac changes), structure changes and, as a result, impaired function of the heart's valvulars and other pathologies. A comprehensive approach, experienced medical staff, modern equipment of our clinic allows us to conduct innovative and complex diagnostic procedures and manipulations.

A cardiologist's consultation includes collection of patient complaint, medical history (full analysis of available life history data) and hereditary predisposition. The doctor measures blood pressure and performs electrocardiography (ECG). If necessary, appoint echocardiography (ECHO-KG), X-ray, MRI, CT scan, determination of lipid profile and blood glucose, and consultations of related specialists: rheumatologist, vascular or cardiac surgeons, neuropathologist.

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Along with cardiac problems, patients with systemic rheumatic diseases are often present. These are autoimmune processes that can affect the heart, joints, kidneys and other organs. Specialist rheumatologist or cardio-rheumatologist appoint additional examinations, for example, blood test for rheumatism, joints X-rey review, ultrasound the abdominal cavity, ultrasound of the heart and more.

Manufactura Clinic carries out in-patient supervision and check-ups, periodic examinations of health screening, monitoring of the pathology dynamics. If necessary, surgical or conservative treatment is planned and applied using modern methods in the hospital. Preventive and rehabilitation measures are in place.

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Cardiologist. Doctor of functional diagnostics
Experience: since 2003

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I'd like to thank the wonderful doctor Mrs. Danylchenko Tetyana Oleksiivna for her high professionalism, humanity and attentive attitude. My sincere wishes of success and good health to you, Mrs.Tetyana Oleksiivna!

(The feedback from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business)

Patient Viktoria Kolosyuk

We always choose the clinic and visit it with the whole family. We are satisfied with the services level and personell's attitude. Special thanks to the cardiologist Lykova Olena Stepanivna, she is a very attentive and qualified doctor.

(see: the feedback from the clinic's page at Google My Business)

Patient Oksana Leschenko