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Surgery: minimally invasive and open surgery

Manufactura Clinic is a guarantee of high quality and reliable treatment of various diseases and lesions using classic and less invasive surgical operations. Due to the high qualification of our doctors and modern standards equipment we provide a wide range of surgical interventions of different complexity, either urgent or scheduled. 

The cause for surgical treatment are the diseases of the abdominal cavity in acute or chronic conditions, like hernia of any location, appendix inflammation, gastrointestial diseases, also acute and inflammatory processes in the skin and soft tissues (hydradenitis, panaritic, ingrown nail, etc.), as well as the benign tumors like fibroids, lipomas, atheroids or others. 

In addition to the traditional open-types of operations, Manufactura clinic successfully performs less invasive and convection surgeries.

Laparoscopic surgery

One of the modern surgery methods used for both diagnosis and treatment of the abdominal and pelvic diseases, performed through small punctures, where tools and a special medical device - laparoscope are led in. The method refers to minimally invasive, that is low-traumatic surgery, taken to minimize the risks of further complications, as well as to shorten the recovery periopd and hospital stay. The advantages of this method include the high accuracy of the operations, wider surgery opportunities, the low levels of inflammation and infection, unnoticeble scars and almost absence of unpleasant sensations after surgery.

Endoscopic treatments

One more modern methods, better known in diagnostic practice, however, is oftenly used for surgical purposes. A special optical device - endoscope is led into the cavity through natural pathways (mouth and esophagus, larynx, urethra, etc.). The device performs a direct examination of the organ's tissues, and in addition to diagnosing organ condition, gives a possibility to perform urgent surgery.

Convection methods (bloodless surgery)

A method of surgery in which the incision area is pre-treated with infrared convection flow, after which the incision is carried out. In this way the bloodless and disinfected incision area is achieved. This reduces the amount of consumables, including antibiotics required in the postoperative period, accelerates both the operation itself and the recovery. This type of surgery is prescribed for the patients with blood clotting issues and for the operations complicated by infections or those where is important to avoid the blood inside the wound.

Minimally invasive operations

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