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Patient Ivan

I would like to express my great respect and gratitude to Mr. Wozniak Oleksandr Mykhailovych and to all the staff of his department. Last week they saved my life, saved my eyesight. An extremely complicated operation was performed to remove the giant pituitary adenoma. The operation is filigree. I want to say that Oleksandr Mykhailovych is a genius of neurosurgery. I wish you to live to 100 years, DOCTOR!

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User Yulija

The best doctor in the whole world !!! At first glance, we trusted him and never regret for a moment! Responsive, sincere, caring, he healed my father. Thank God that we met Yaroslav Mykolayovych!

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Patient Bogdanov Valentyn

Many thanks to all the staff of the Medical Center "Manufactura Clinic" for understanding, professionalism and sensitivity. Special words of gratitude to the specialist of infectious disease Dr.Rhalsky, to Dr.Kulesh, to anesthesiologists Dr.Ivanchenko, Dr.Sheremet, to the head of intensive care unit Dr.Dudash. I was admitted to the clinic in a very serious condition. I was taken out the other side, my life was saved. 

The ward is equipped with everything necessary. High service and the most modern equipment.

I sincerely thank everyone with my whole heart.

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Patient Valeria Savarets

For a while now I wanted to leave my feedback and many thanks to our favorite doctors from the Manufactura clinic. 

For one, I want to say that we were lucky to be the first to give birth in this wonderful place - the maternity hospital of Manufactura clinic. It is a really comfortable and safe place to meet your little Miracle.

My greatest gratitude to the entire team, and especially to the doctor Samoylenko Maryna Ivanivna for managing my pregnancy and the doctor Yavtushenko Olena Stanislavivna for the meeting with our so long-awaited baby, and all the neonatologists who worked with us. If ones is looking for a maternity hospital now - do not hesitate a minute, here are excellent conditions, a warm and sensitive attitude and great professional doctors.

After the birth of our son, we stayed in this hospital and chose the patronage program under the guidance of a wonderful pediatrician - the doctor Lozyuk Maria Olexandrivna, who took care of us during the first year. We were always calmed down after her visits and could enjoy at parenthood being sure that our baby is in safe hands.

Even after end of the patronage program, I from time to time consult with Mrs. Maria Olexandrivna as she is always in touch with me and never refuses to give an advice even in her free time. We are very grateful and appreciate this time and attention given to us, Mrs. Maria Olexandrivna. I am personally impressed by this doctor with her modern approach and vision.

Finally, I would like to recommend the great team of maternity and clinic - there are really good doctors working here! Many thanks to all and good luck in the future!

With best regards and our gratitude,

Savartsiv Family. 

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Patient Olha Prytulyak

I surely recommend the pediatrician Mrs. Lozyuk Maria Olexandrivna. The the good specilist, provides the evidence-based treatment, she is attentive and always finds an approach to children. My girls are observed for more than 5 years by her) Thank you very much, Maria Olexandrivna!

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Patient Viktoria Kolosyuk

I'd like to thank the wonderful doctor Mrs. Danylchenko Tetyana Oleksiivna for her high professionalism, humanity and attentive attitude. My sincere wishes of success and good health to you, Mrs.Tetyana Oleksiivna!

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