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Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery is one of the major divisions of highly specialized surgical care. Diagnostic and treatment methods of thoracic surgery aimed at removing of pathologies and anomalies in development of the lower respiratory tract and lungs, large vessels, lymph nodes, mediastinal organs and pleura, including neoplasms.

Mediastinum and respiratory surgeries

The chest cavity being a frame of ribs and muscles protects our vital organs. Damage, disease or neoplasms in it causes serious consequences. Timely claim to a doctors upon diagnosed or even in case of the slightest suspicion of an illness, in most cases, saves life, even with such dire diagnoses as lung cancer. There are digital X-ray, computed tomography and fibrobronchoscopy are used for accurate diagnosis of most diseasesin the chest cavity in the «Manufactura» clinic and any interventions are carefully planned and carried out by experienced medical personnel. We guarantee the high qualified and effective treatment of various diseases and injuries of the chest, using various types of thoracic surgery here in «Manufactura» clinic. We successfully carry out the surgeries of any levels of complexity thanks to the high level of specialists and advanced equipment.

Thoracic surgeries that we perform:

Respiratory surgeries:

  • operations on the pleura, including its damage
  • surgery for lung disease
  • surgery for malformations of the chest organs
  • interventions on the bronchi and trachea
  • removal of foreign bodies in the lungs

Mediastinum surgeries:

  • pericardial surgery
  • major vessel surgery
  • operations on the lymph nodes
  • esophagus surgery
  • vagus nerve surgery

Operations for neoplasms:

  • removal of tumors and neoplasms of the lungs
  • removal of tumors and neoplasms of the bronchi
  • removal of tumors and neoplasms of the esophagus
  • removal of lymph nodes
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The basis of thoracic surgery is thoracotomy - a surgical opening of the chest. However, in recent years, minimally invasive surgery using advanced thoracoscopic techniques has become more widespread, when operations are performed with minimal damage to tissues and internal organs and under the control of an optical device. This allows one to significantly reduce trauma and recovery time after surgery, as well as to reduce the medication burden for the patient.

Diseases and pathologies treated in «Manufactura»  clinic

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