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A high-quality, qualified surgery is an integral part of the Center for Obstetrics and Gynaecology of «Manufactura» Clinic. Accurate diagnosis, qualified doctors, excellent technical equipment of the operating room and safe anesthesia allow us to perform both large and small operations for various gynecological diseases and pathologies.

Gynaecological operations

Surgical operations in gynaecology are performed in many cases. Urgent gynaecological surgery is quite common - emergency surgery, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian apoplexy, miscarriage, uterine bleeding and more. Delay or postpone such of surgery is impossible, as the pathologies can lead to internal bleeding, peritonitis and, often, death.

Planned surgical interventions do not require urgency and are carried out with careful examination and preparation for surgery. Such operations are prescribed for the removal of polyps, cysts, benign tumors, uterine fibroids, fallopian tubes patency check-up, various vaginal operations. These surgeries preserve women health, restore the reproductive functions of organs and eliminate pathology of the genitourinary system.

In our clinic the primary and most important task before any surgery is to accurately diagnose and determine methods of treatment. We have all modern diagnostic methods giving the most accurate results for safe and qualified surgery.

Modern operative gynaecology includes both - classical methods of surgery and endoscopic technologies of minimally invasive surgery. The choice of surgical treatment always depends on the complexity of the disease and the maximum therapeutic effect.

Small gynaecological operations. Small-scale operations that do not require special patient preparation and long medical supervision within the hospital. In a few hours upon an operation completion the patient returns home.

Large gynaecological operations. Surgical interventions requiring patient preparation, postoperative medical supervision and assistance. As a rule, they are associated with the treatment of pathological processes, such as a damaged organ removal or benign or malignant tumors removal, plastic surgery and malformations correction.

Performing surgeries

  • Cervical biopsy
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy
  • Vacuum aspiration in pathological pregnancy
  • Intrauterine spiral introduction
  • Radiowave coagulation, cervical excision, cryodestruction
  • Removal of papillomas, polyps, myomas
  • Laparoscopic operations of fallopian tubes patency check-up 
  • Laparoscopic operations for cysts and tumors of the uterine appendages, uterus removal
  • Vaginal operations
  • Plastic at the vaginal prolapse 
  • Laparotomy operations (conservative myomectomy, uterine extraction)
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лікарі клініки мануфактура
Gynecologist, obstetrician-gynaecologist
Experience: since 2010
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Gynecologist, ultrasound doctor
Experience: since 2002
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Obstetrician-gynecologis. Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics.
Experience: since 2001.

Feedback about us

Good evening, I was going to write for a long time and express my gratitude to all the staff of the Centre of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and especially to Dr. Yavtushenko, Olena Stanislavivna for my fabulous 9 months of pregnancy !!! For my beautiful daughter Ilonka. This is a wonderful place where true doctors work, people who save lives. I want to wish them all health, success, sympathy and also to have the happy emotions and moments like those you brought into my life.

Patient Nataliya G.