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Modern surgery for vein diseases: sclerotherapy, echosclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, radiofrequency obliteration, microphlebectomy. Individual approach at conservative therapy and surgery.

Surgeries for varicose veins

Phlebology studies the structure and function of veins, and accordingly, is aimed to develop methods for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of their diseases. The most common diseases that patients see a phlebologist are varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcer, phlebopathy, telangiectasia, chronic venous insufficiency.

Anatomically and functionally on each leg there is a great saphenous vein and a small saphenous vein, which are often called the major superficial veins. Although these vessels are superficial, they are located quite deep, and their condition can be assessed only by ultrasound examination of the veins like Doppler or duplex scanning. In case of varicose veins onset there are changes in the veins, manifested by their, the appearance of veins nodes and serpentine twisting. The dilated veins that catch the eye in varicose veins are usually tributaries of the major saphenous veins. Their look is likely to be the result of poor condition of one of the major saphenous veins of this leg and the actual manifestation of varicose veins of the lower limbs.

Unfortunately, today there are no methods that can make a sick vein healthy, but the treatment of varicose veins aims at certain tasks that are successfully solved by modern therapeutic and surgical methods:

  • elimination of the risk of thrombotic complications associated with the varicose veins;
  • prevention of chronic venous insufficiency progression and development of its severe forms: trophic skin changes, trophic venous ulcers, etc .;
  • elimination of cosmetic defects and improvement of life quality.

Treatment of varicose veins depends on the progression of venous lesions and its tributaries. This comprises the following:

1. Removal or "gluing" of the sick main subcutaneous vein, which is the conductor of varicose veins and its complications. This is solved in three ways:

  • vein removal wth the modern methods of surgery like invagination stripping, PIN-stripping;
  • hot "brewing" of the affected vein: laser or radiofrequency obliteration (ablation);
  • vein sclerosing - a non-surgical technique, such as echo-sclero-obliteration.

2. Elimination of visible varicose veins, ie tributaries of the main vein. This is implemented mainly in two ways:

  • veins sclerosis: almost always today it is the use of "microfoam" technology - foam sclerotherapy - known also as foam-form sclerotherapy;
  • veins removal through the micro puncture of the skin: miniphlebectomy, also known as microphlebectomy.

The optimal combination of surgical methods,  treatment particularities, as well as compression regime are largely selected individually. Patients with a very similar ultrasound picture, due to the influence of the additional factors, may be offered completely different treatment regimes, and vice versa, with different ultrasound data, treatment may be the same.

The experience of phlebologists of our clinic allows us to give an accurate assessment of the disease state and related factors influencing the choice of treatment to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Our Medical Center "Manufactura Clinic" performs accurate diagnosis of large and small subcutaneous veins by modern methods of instrumental examination: 

  • duplex scanning, this one shows the vein and vein walls as well as surrounding tissues and the blood flow through the vein, its speed and obstacles that disrupt normal blood flow, 
  • CT- (Computed Tomography) angiography of blood vessels, this one is aimed to diagnose vascular pathologies due to their obstruction and tumors.

We provide holistic medical care in the treatment of venous diseases of any stage of progression. We are performing modern surgical treatment and providing drug and compression therapy individually, both to eliminate the risk of complications or disease progression and to maximize the physical relief and aesthetic problem exclusion.

See the varicose veins causes, its complications and consequences without treatment, as well as a modern surgical thechnics in this video-review by the phlebologist.

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