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The doctor diagnoses an endocrine system and if necessary corrects the activity of the endocrine glands: suppresses, stimulates or replaces the hormones and bio-active substances production that regulate vital body functions.

Most processes in the human body are regulated comprehensively and one of the main ways to control metabolism is the production of hormones and biologically active substances. That is responsibility of our endocrine system. Oftenly various disorders in hormon production and pathology of the endocrine organs leads to a number of systemic changes in the work of both – organs and whole systems of the body. The timely detection of hormonal changes or changes in the endocrine organs or finding out their work disorders, helps one to make a true disease diagnosis, prescribe efficient treatment and to improve the life quality of a patient.

Our modern equipment allows us perform a careful instrumental and laboratory researches and all necessary medical manipulations either outpatient or inpatient conditions and provide necessary treatment of endocrine diseases. Manufactura Clinic provides periodic examination and health check-ups with the involvement of related qualified doctors, medical supervision and control, monitoring of the dynamics of the pathology course, as well as performs conservative treatment in the hospital and if necessary surgeries.

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Endocrinologist consultation is call to check the current functionality of the endocrine organs: an impropriate of the thyroid gland’s work, pathology or disease of the adrenal glands, diabetes mellitus, endocrine impact in hypertension illness and many other maladies. In addition to the complete analysis of available life history and body’s inspection, the endocrinologist assigns clinical examinations, ultrasound, and if necessary x-rays, MRI, CT scans to monitor structural changes in the endocrine organs.

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лікарі клініки мануфактура
Surgeon, endocrine surgeon
Experience: 20 years
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Experience: since 2000

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Very good service! I would like to especially mention and thank to the endocrinologist Mrs. Shchekaturova, Lucia for her professional and good attitude to the patient! Very nice and attractive person. I would say that she is the only doctor in my life who inspired confidence! I wish health and prosperity to Dr. Shchekaturova L. and all medical staff. Thank you for being you!

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Patient Dmytro Molyavko