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Orthopedist and traumatologist

Bones diseases' treatment, cure at joints and muscles, treatment of consequences of injuries and degenerative changes of the bones, skeleton and muscles. Rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions on bones and joints.

An orthopedist-traumatologist supports and restores a patient's motor activity. Older patients need to consult an orthopedist in cases of arthrosis, periarthrosis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis, radicular syndrome, marginal growths of bones, Bekhterev's disease, etc. Young patients may also require the consultation in following problems: postural disorders, curvature of the spine (hunchback, scoliosis, asymmetry of the spine), juvenile arthritis, rheumatic diseases.

In "Manufactura" clinic we not only treat diseases of bones and joints, but also provide qualified assistance for injuries as well as rehabilitation programs to restore motor function. The doctors of the surgical department successfully perform surgeries for hernia removal, muscle plastic, endoprosthetics, etc. The list of our surgical treatment is mentioned in the "Orthopedics and traumatology" unit of "Inpatient and Resuscitation" of our website.

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During a consultation the orthopedist-traumatologist takes an anamnesis to understand the causes and mechanisms of complaints, interprets the results X-ray or magnetic resonance examination (MRI) or ultrasound examination of joints, and in some cases, prescribes a computed tomography scan (CT) for detailed examination.

For diagnosis it may also required blood tests for rheumatism, biochemical analysis (if gouty arthritis is suspected), vitamin and trace element content (vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus), as well as densitometry to determine bone density.

In addition to medical treatment with anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and restorative medications, the ortyhopedists of the "Manufactura" clinic uses a restorative physiotherapy, therapeutic trainings and massages to restore and preserve the function of joints and muscles. Details of medical treatment and procedures are in the "Rehabilitation Department" unit of our website. 

The result of consultation with the orthopedist-traumatologist we provide the patients with an individual treatment and rehabilitation program, a complete comprehensive examination and effective measures to restore and preserve their motor function.

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