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Second opinion for cancer treatment

A second opinion, or expert opinion, is a common and very important in oncology system of collegial assessment of a patient's disease and the selection of appropriate treatment tactic. This is a repeated evaluation of the diagnosis and the repeated weigh on most appropriate treatment.

In our Oncology Center of «Manufactura» clinic we provide the consultation of the oncologists to the patients seeking for a second opinion. As in the case of patient applying for cancer treatment, we conduct a multidisciplinary oncology commission (or council) to study your case and to provide you with possible treatment methods. 

We accept requests for a second oncologist opinion in the following cases:

  • confirmation of the established diagnosis and/or a cancer stage;
  • evaluation of the choice between several methods of treatment or between methods at different stages of treatment;
  • selection of possible drug treatment options;
  • determination of other tactics in case of failure to achieve results in previous treatment or recurrence of the disease.

The purpose of your application for an expert opinion to the Cancer Center of «Manufactura» clinic can be either one or all of the listed points.

What to expect from the second opinion oncology council

The second opinion council has the same tasks that the multidisciplinary oncology council face when the diagnosis is newly established. But in this case, it is conducted an expert study of the "evidence" of the patient's diagnosis. All medical documents provided by the patient are reviewed by oncologists of the commission. The materials of the previously performed biopsy may be re-sent for further examination as well as additional or repeated instrumental examinations may be prescribed. In the course of such a study, new data may be discovered that will affect the actual diagnosis or treatment options.

A second opinion helps understanding the different treatment options, if any. This is especially important if you have an unusual type of cancer. But even with standard treatment protocols for a specific type and stage of cancer, there may be variations in treatment. Any treatment tactic is explained in detail and reasonably to the patient by an oncologist at a separate meeting or at a meeting of the oncology council.

In many cases, a second opinion gives patients the opportunity to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" in choosing a treating doctor or treatment tactics. But a second opinion is not always necessary. In situations where there is little or no ambiguity about the diagnosis or treatment, we advise patients to begin treatment immediately.

What is needed to get an expert opinion 

In order to request a multidisciplinary oncology council for the second expert opinion, you need to make an appointment with the oncologist. The doctor will learn in detail your anamnesis and carefully studies your medical documentation: the results of examinations, related consultations and doctors' conclusions. 

We co-works with the cancer specialists in the various cancer centers both in Ukraine and abroad, and when conducting the expert assessment of diagnosis and treatment methods, if necessary, we involve oncologists with the best results and reputation in diagnosis and treatment to our multidisciplinary oncology council.

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Date - 13.03/2023

Questions to ask your oncologist

Meeting with your doctor will help you get the information you need to make an important decision about your cancer treatment.


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