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Advanced surgical methods of treatment of hemorrhoids, paroproctitis, recurrence of anal fissure and other proctological pathologies. Surgeries at the rectum and colon in cancer. Classical and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Treatment of proctological diseases

Developing the gastro center in «Manufactura» clinic, we pay particular attention to the treatment of proctological disorders with conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgeries, physiotherapeuty that efficiently cope with the vast majority of such diseases avoiding to traditional surgery, which always has heavier consequences for health and lives of patients. During inpatient treatment in our clinic we do not limit the cure with the modern therapy technics only, but we perform the holistic diagnosis of the lower intestine and anus in order to determine the proctological disease's causes first. We also do not limit the cure with the local treatment only, we are committing to restorating the function and motility of the digestive system in general and intestine in particular.

Indications for inpatient or outpatient treatment of coloproctological diseases are both acute and chronic conditions, as well as the presence of a complex complication, when the disease is caused by a number of digestive disorders or the patient suffers wit other maladies or systemic disorders, which requiring a medical supervision. 

We treat the intestine functional disorders, acute and chronic hemorrhoids, chronic and acute paraproctitis, acute and chronic anal fissure, benign colon polyps and malignant diseases of the colon, as well as non-specific inflammatory diseases of the colon like nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

If the disease is complicated or advanced and minimally invasive methods of the therapy are not effective in solving the problem, we resort to another surgeries that have proven effective in world medical practice.

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Individual inpatient treatment program

  • set of medical examination: laboratory tests, rectomanoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, X-ray, gastroscopy and retrograde choledocho pancreatography according to the clinic indications;
  • retrograde choledocho pancreatography according to the clinic indications;
  • a course of therapy with medicine of proven effectiveness;
  • diet therapy;
  • improvement of the colon functional disorders;
  • minimally invasive surgeries;
  • if no contraindications, the treating program may include various physiotherapeutic methods;
  • in case of concomitant diseases we involve the necessary doctors in the treating program.

Inpatient care allows to adhere as better as possible to the diagnostic conditions and to the therapy for our patients; and that is significantly improves the effectiveness of the treatment itself. The accuracy in diagnosis ensures our doctors in building a patient's individual treatment programm, which is more effective versus outpatient due to possibility of observe the patient and to correct treatment if neccessary. During inpatient stay we monitor the patients' health status and their response to the treatment, which is very helpful for the doctors in keeping the necessary control over the therapy avoiding the associated complications. Building the treatemnt program we are aimed to complete recovery or to a maximum elimination of the disease's causes in order to avoid the need for complex surgery.

The number of proctological diseases and the number of treatment methods used in our clinic are not limited to the mentioned list. Qualification of our doctors and many years of experience assure the success of the inpatient care given to our patients suffering with venous maladies or colon purulent-inflammatory diseases, with anal sphincter diseases, tumors and polyps, with the lower intestine functional disorders, intestinal mucosa and the adjoining tissues using the most appropriate treatment tactics.

How to get the inpatient treatment in «Manufactura» Clinic

If you need for the inpatient treatme, please use the online form provided below or hospital's phone numbers in order to see a proctologist first. Please note that the previous medical results, made diagnoses, examinations or treatment taken may be helpfull to assess your health status, take them with you.

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