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Inpatient and Resuscitation

Ongoing medical care, monitoring, rehabilitation and thorough diagnostic check-up for patients with various diseases. Experienced surgeons, specialists in vascular, spinal, neurosurgery and oncological surgery conduct surgical treatment of a planned and emergency nature in the Manufactura Clinic.

Inpatient and Intensive care in «Manufactura Clinic» Medical center

We have created convenient conditions for treatment and postoperative rehabilitation in our medical center. There are modern, comfortable single and double wards offered to our patients. The average ward’s area is 25 sq.m. Patients are provided with dietary balanced meals three times a day, all necessary medicines and medical products as well as personal hygiene products. 

The resuscitation unit of our clinic meets to all modern requirements for monitoring patient’s vital functions and oxygen supply devices. The intensive care wards are designed for 3 patients under round-the-clock doctor’s supervision. There is a separate intensive care unit for babies.

We treat patients with various types of diseases. We work with cardiovascular and neurological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, injuries, including craniocerebral and spinal injuries, we treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the genitourinary system, pulmonary diseases and some types of infectious diseases. From May 2021, separate boxes for the treatment of coronavirus patients have been put into operation, and in the therapeutic inpatient, we provide rehabilitation programs for the patients after coronavirus disease. The inpatient stay of the patient allows to fully diagnose the post-covid syndrome and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

There are conditions for specialized medical care and specialized teams of doctors work in our medical center. At the Stroke Center, we diagnosis, perform surgery and treat the strokes. Complex and professional cancer treatment is carried out in the Chemotherapy Center. The specialized Center for Obstetrics and Gynaecology provides complete medical services for pregnancy management, provides medical assistance to pregnant women with chronic diseases and complicated pregnancies, treats gynaecological diseases and problems of pregnancy.

Therapeutic hospital

Our therapeutic inpatient hospital accepts patients 24/7. The patient has a full access to the results of examinations, the  prescribed treatment scheme and doctors' conclusions. During a patients 24-hour stay, we provide them with complete medical observation during individual treatment, perform planned and additional examinations, as well as the medical procedures aimed to the rapid recovery and rehabilitation of the patient. We accept patients of all ages with chronic diseases for scheduled treatment and patients in acute conditions. 

We also provide the outpatient for a course treatments consisting of several procedures, or for a deep examination. It is the day hospital that allows one to qualitatively prepare for specialized diagnostics or surgery.

Surgical hospital

We performs scheduled and urgent suregry of any complexity: minimally invasive - laparoscopic and endoscopic, vascular and microscopic operationsor as well as band type of traditional suregry. The choice of the operation type is carried out together with the patient only; balanced and openly, accessibly as possible for understanding benefits and taking into account features of the operation, rehabilitation period and therapeutic result. The equipment of the anesthesiology department and intensive care chambers allow us to effectively monitor the patient’s vital functions during surgery and in the postoperative recovery period.

Operating room

The operating unit of our clinic is built and equipped taking into account the recommendations of leading European clinics including, inter alia, the patient preparing procedure in the preoperative unit and a separate exit from the operating unit. This condition as well as the methods of doctors preparations and surgical instruments treatment that enter the sterile conditions of the operating room through the special vestibule locks only, ensures the requirement to separate the external environment from the environment of the operating room itself, thus preserving sterile conditions. 

The operating room sterility is also supported by a special air purification technology - a laminar flow zone, has been provied by special air filters for the incoming air. Thus, the operating area is maximally cleared of pathogenic microorganisms that cause postoperative complications.

To provide with a maximum convenience to the doctors in the operating area shadowless lamps are used, allowing to see complex sections of the surgical field, as well as modern multi-functional tables, with the possibility to be modified for various types of operations.

To process medical tools at the required sanitary level, the tool room has a special washing machine and an autoclave.

All modern facilities and technologies of the Manufactura Clinic used for medical operations, patient care and daily routine medical procedures have the only goal, which is to provide a maximum comfort, to reduce the level of excitement due to disease or hospital stay, to accelerate recovery and minimize the possibility of complications.

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Full hospital treatment includes

  • Complete and accurate diagnosis.
  • A highly specialised consultations and a comprehensive approach to treatment.
  • Implementation of diagnostic and treatment methods based on evidence-based medicine and current European guidelines.
  • Permanent medical control and the attending doctor’s supervision.

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Our specialists

лікарі клініки мануфактура
Experience: since 2014
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, pediatric hematologist
Experience since 1988
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Experience: since 1988
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Neurosurgeon. Pediatric neurosurgeon. Oncology-neurosurgeon
Experience: 20 years
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Surgeon, endocrine surgeon
Experience: 20 years
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Оrthopedist, traumatologist
Experience: 20 years
лікарі клініки мануфактура
oncologist, surgical oncologist
Experience: 19 years
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Otolaryngologist, oncologic otolaryngologist
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Oncologist, Oncohematologist, Chemotherapist.
Experience: since 1995
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, neonatologist
Experience: since 2012
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician. Neonatologist
Experience: since 2010

Feedback about us

I went to the clinic twice: to surgeon Chetvertushkin Valery Valeryevich and Trishnovsky Mykola Ivanovych. I'm glad to note that the doctors were professional and experienced, showing high humane attitude and culture, they were extremely attentive and tolerant. I was given qualified help and pleasantly surprised that the doctors were not categorical firmly prescribing the treatment, but were attentive to my specific condition(since I am allergic). They are the doctors with whome there is a desire to keep communication and get medical advice. By the way, while waiting for the test results, doctors constantly kept on touch with me. I want to say a few words about the modern equipment of the clinic, perfect cleanness and friendly staff. Sincere thanks to the doctors for the help. I strongly recommend V.Chetvertushkin and M.Trishnovsky as a high professional doctors. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Nataliya Kamenska

Good and reliable clinic in country side. Comfortable room for intensive therapy. Cosy court where relatives can have a talk with doctors. Good treatment for older people which is not typical for many other clinics. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

User Michael SH

You are just heroes, the best! Without you, there is no place to ask help. My deepest gratitude to a team of professionals - from the chief physician to nurses and assistants! The food is great and all is for the soonest recovery! (Testimonial from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business).

User Yaroslav Olegovich

My baby is already two months old.

I'll start from the very beginning, from the first day of visiting the maternity hospital and the doctors, in a complete agreement with my husband we decided to register and give birth here in Manufactura clinic. On the first day of our visit, we met the obstetrician-gynecologist Mr. Lelyak, Oleg Fedorovich, the doctor with many years of practice and very qualified in this field. We got to know each other, we were given a tour of the maternity hospital, they told us everything in detail about the services. Upon arrival home, I read all the information that could only be found about the doctor and there was no longer any doubt that we will register and give birth with Oleg Fedorovich. Throughout the pregnancy, he led me, examined and was always in touch. If I had any questions, the head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology, Mrs. Yavtushenko, Olena Stanislavivna  the doctor of the highest category with many years of practice and well-experienced, always explained and suggested how to do and do better, supervised everything very efficiently and in detail.

I gave birth as planned on 09/02/21 by cesarean section for medical reasons.

I was hospitalized on the evening before the birth. The midwives and the doctor on duty prepared me, explained and told me everything on procedure.

In the morning of the next day, I underwent surgery and got my long-awaited baby. Everything went on a very professional level. The operating team worked very efficiently and harmoniously.

The anesthesiologist Mr. Stetsenko, Vladyslav Oleksandrovych performed the anesthesia as painlessly as possible, another anesthesiologist who assisted him was the beautiful girl Innochka, who held my hand throughout the operation, monitored my physical and state of mind. It helped me a lot!

After the operation, I was in the intensive care unit, where all the medical staff took care of me and my child during all the day - everyone doctors, midwives, nurses, pediatric neonatologists. Despite the unrealistic pain after the operation, they tried their best to create a warm and comfortable conditions for us, chose the right words and supported us. Every minute and very detailly monitoring of our health state, took care and gave a support, assisted me, me and my daughter received 100% of care! The anesthesia went away in the evening and I walked to my ward by the hand with Vladyslav Oleksandrovych. Thank you for the care of the senior nurse Yanochka, she is a very competent, sensitive, a good specialist, and I also want to say thank you to midwife Tamarochka for her help, concern and professional care.

I would like to express my special gratitude to Mr. Lelyak, Oleg Fedorovich! Thank you for your professional work, thank you for my comfortable and safe delivery! Thank you for your healthy daughter!

And I would like to express special gratitude to pediatrician-neonatologist Mrs. Bazalyuk, Iryna Andriivna, the brilliant doctor and professional who loves her job and is completely devoted to it. So many warm words, so much support, love, care for me and my newborn daughter, I could only get from my loved ones, but Iryna Andriivna, with her warm heart and sincere soul, took care of and warmed us. I've never received so much warmth from a doctor. I'm so flattered that there are no words. I will never forget such care and warmth. May God grant our country more such doctors! May God grant health to the entire medical staff of Manufactura clinic, in particular to the department of obstetrics and gynecology and the department of the maternity hospital!

To everyone who wants to give birth safely and comfortably, to turn childbirth into something sacred - I confidently recommend the Manufactura maternity hospital.

As for the minuses, they are and will be everywhere and always, because of a human factor. But if you focus on the, the advantages can be overlooked. Therefore, I can assume that they were not. We discussed all the nuances with the management.

(The feedback from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business)

Patient Anastasiya Senchylo

The ambulance brought me in a serious condition to Manufactura clinic, immediately to the intensive care unit. Doctors very quickly carried out the necessary examinations and tests and accurately determined the cause. The very next day, after starting my treatment, I felt much better. I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the medical staff of the clinic who took part in my treatment. Both in intensive care and in the hospital, I met only kind, sympathetic and highly professional people. Thank you very much to all the doctors, the attending physician Lyudmila Ivanovna and nurses. Special thanks to the doctor-rehabilitologist Zhukovsky, Petr Nikolaevich. He is an excellent specialist, sensitive and kind person. If all medical workers in our country treated their patients this way, there would be much more healthy and happy people.

(The feedback from our website)

Patient Mkrtchan, Lidia

Many thanks to all the staff of the Medical Center "Manufactura Clinic" for understanding, professionalism and sensitivity. Special words of gratitude to the specialist of infectious disease Dr.Rhalsky, to Dr.Kulesh, to anesthesiologists Dr.Ivanchenko, Dr.Sheremet, to the head of intensive care unit Dr.Dudash. I was admitted to the clinic in a very serious condition. I was taken out the other side, my life was saved. 

The ward is equipped with everything necessary. High service and the most modern equipment.

I sincerely thank everyone with my whole heart.

(The feedback from our website)

Patient Bogdanov Valentyn

With all my heart I want to thank all the staff of the maternity ward of "Manufactura" clinic for your effectiveness, diligence, high professionalism, your kindness and your great skills! Thanks to your assisance, such a difficult stage in a woman's life has left with only pleasant memories to me! Many thanks to my dear doctor Olena Yuzefivna! You are the Godblessed doctor, the Master! You gifted me a new world - the world of happy motherhood!

(The feedback from our website)

Patient Yuliya

More than a half year ago, the Manufactura clinic was the only hospital, agreed to accept my mother in a very critical condition. Unfortunately, they could not save her, but I saw all the endeavor the doctors in resuscitation took to help her and they did not leave her for any minute. 

I don't remember the names of all the doctors but I am grateful them all for all what was done, and for my mother had left without pain and in comfort with the good people behind.

I wish success to Manufactura Clinic!

(see: the feedback from the Manufactura Clinic page in Google My Business)

Olena Zhuravlova (patient's relative)

I would like to note the professionalism of surgeon Yevgeny Yuriyovych Burov!

The doctor is respectful, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, performs medical tasks very clearly, does not offer what you do not need. I recommend it to everyone I know, I even brought my mother) Everyone is satisfied.

Thank you

(see: feedback about the doctors of the Manufaсtura Clinic in Google My Business)

Patient Lilia Pelikh

I liked everything. Competent doctors. The service is at the highest level.
(see: feedback on Manufactura Clinic in Google My Business)

Patient Lyudmila Hlushchenko