Inpatient and Resuscitation

Ongoing medical care, monitoring, rehabilitation and thorough diagnostic check-up for patients with various diseases. Experienced surgeons, specialists in vascular, spinal, neurosurgery and oncological surgery conduct surgical treatment of a planned and emergency nature in the Manufactura Clinic.

There are convenient conditions for treatment and postoperative rehabilitation in Manufactura Clinic. We provide medical care in the comfortable wards of 10 single and 7 double rooms. The average area of the ward is 25 sq.m. There is a Pediatric department. The intensive care unit meets all recent medical requirements of patient's vital functions control. The intensive ward is designed for 3 patients under round-the-clock doctors' supervision.

Therapeutic hospital

We register patients to our Therapeutic hospital daily 24/7, providing medical care and assistance to patients with various types of diseases. The patient has got a full access to their check-ups results, treatment regimen and the physician's findings. During the 24-hour stay, observations are made by trained personnel that perform medical manipulations, aimed at a quick recovery of the patient.

In a daytime hospital the patients may require to undergo multiple-course treatment or to be examined. It is the day hospital that allows you to qualitatively prepare for diagnostics or surgery.In a daytime hospital, patients may require to undergo multiple-course treatment or to be examined. It is the day hospital that allows you to qualitatively prepare for diagnostics or surgery.

From May 2021, the Infectious Diseases Department of our Therapeutic Hospital accepts patients after coronavirus disease. Inpatient stay allows patients to be fully diagnosed for postcovid syndrome and to get an appropriate treatment. The detailed information about postocvid syndrome diagnostics and treatment programs find in Programs for adults.

Surgical hospital

We performs scheduled and urgent suregry of any complexity: minimally invasive - laparoscopic and endoscopic, vascular and microscopic operationsor as well as band type of traditional suregry. The choice of the operation type is carried out together with the patient only; balanced and openly, accessibly as possible for understanding benefits and taking into account features of the operation, rehabilitation period and therapeutic result. The equipment of the anesthesiology department and intensive care chambers allow us to effectively monitor the patient’s vital functions during surgery and in the postoperative recovery period.

Full hospital treatment includes

  • Complete and accurate diagnosis.
  • A highly specialised consultations and a comprehensive approach to treatment.
  • Implementation of diagnostic and treatment methods based on evidence-based medicine and current European guidelines.
  • Permanent medical control and the attending doctor’s supervision.
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Operating room

The operating unit of our clinic is built and equipped taking into account the recommendations of leading European clinics including, inter alia, the patient preparing procedure in the preoperative unit and a separate exit from the operating unit. This condition as well as the methods of doctors preparations and surgical instruments treatment that enter the sterile conditions of the operating room through the special vestibule locks only, ensures the requirement to separate the external environment from the environment of the operating room itself, thus preserving sterile conditions. 

The operating room sterility is also supported by a special air purification technology - a laminar flow zone, has been provied by special air filters for the incoming air. Thus, the operating area is maximally cleared of pathogenic microorganisms that cause postoperative complications.

To provide with a maximum convenience to the doctors in the operating area shadowless lamps are used, allowing to see complex sections of the surgical field, as well as modern multi-functional tables, with the possibility to be modified for various types of operations.

To process medical tools at the required sanitary level, the tool room has a special washing machine and an autoclave.

All modern facilities and technologies of the Manufactura Clinic used for medical operations, patient care and daily routine medical procedures have the only goal, which is to provide a maximum comfort, to reduce the level of excitement due to disease or hospital stay, to accelerate recovery and minimize the possibility of complications.

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Our specialists

Experience: since 1988
Neurosurgeon, pediatric neurosurgeon
Experience: 20 years
Surgeon, endocrine surgeon
Experience: 20 years
Оrthopedist, traumatologist
Experience: 20 years
oncologist, surgical oncologist
Experience: 19 years
Surgeon, plastic surgeon.
Experience: since 1998
Anesthesiologist, pediatric anesthesiologist
Experience: since 2002
Surgeon, vascular surgeon
Experience: since 2012
Otolaryngologist, oncologic otolaryngologist
Pediatrician, neonatologist
Experience: since 2012
Pediatrician. Neonatologist
Experience: since 2010
Surgical oncologist
Experience: since 2016
Surgical oncologist
Experience: since 1984
Anesthesiologist, Head of the Intensive care and Resuscitation unit
Experience since 2005

Feedback about us

I went to the clinic twice: to surgeon Chetvertushkin Valery Valeryevich and Trishnovsky Mykola Ivanovych. I'm glad to note that the doctors were professional and experienced, showing high humane attitude and culture, they were extremely attentive and tolerant. I was given qualified help and pleasantly surprised that the doctors were not categorical firmly prescribing the treatment, but were attentive to my specific condition(since I am allergic). They are the doctors with whome there is a desire to keep communication and get medical advice. By the way, while waiting for the test results, doctors constantly kept on touch with me. I want to say a few words about the modern equipment of the clinic, perfect cleanness and friendly staff. Sincere thanks to the doctors for the help. I strongly recommend V.Chetvertushkin and M.Trishnovsky as a high professional doctors. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Nataliya Kamenska

Good and reliable clinic in country side. Comfortable room for intensive therapy. Cosy court where relatives can have a talk with doctors. Good treatment for older people which is not typical for many other clinics. (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

User Michael SH

You are just heroes, the best! Without you, there is no place to ask help. My deepest gratitude to a team of professionals - from the chief physician to nurses and assistants! The food is great and all is for the soonest recovery! (Testimonial from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business).

User Yaroslav Olegovich