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Laboratory analyses

Laboratory tests we perform in «Manufactura» clinic is somewhat limited in the scope of our services and cannot compete at the level of a full range of tests provided by powerful centers of laboratory medicine. However, the purpose of having our own laboratory in our medical center structure was based on intention to ensure our doctors with fast up to immediate and high-quality diagnostic material done at the level of international standards, with appropriate laboratory equipment and by the trained staff. Thanks to this, analyses, including urgent ones, needed to all departments of the clinic - from the consultation department to intensive care units - are carried out with the correct preparation of the patient, in compliance with rules required for collection of biomaterial, without violating the deadlines from the moment of it collecting along with sparing a cold chain in its storage.

The our laboratory has a modern equipment, where the intervention of personnel in research is minimized and the risk of analytical errors are reduced to zero. The laboratory has accreditation according to international and national standards and has passed external laboratory quality control. Specialists of our laboratory are not only competent in the details of laboratory research, but also have thorough medicine knowledge and are ready to give necessary answers to doctors who are diagnosing.

Here are some rules to be ready for pass laboratory tests:

Blood: All blood tests are performed in the morning, with an empty stomach so at least an 8-hour break after the last meal should be kept. Drinking clean water is allowed. 6 hours before the test, limit physical activity, avoid emotional stress and medication. If it is not possible to cancel the medication, the laboratory staff must be notified before the analysis.

If a blood test passes the infant, keep a maximum pause after the last feeding.

Give a small portion of clean water (up to 200 ml) 30 minutes before the test for children under 5 years.

Urine: On the eve of day of passing the analysis, refrain from physical exarcises or exertions, drinking alcohol and coffee, and avoid foods that affect the urine color (beetroot, bright fruits, vegetables). The day before passing urine test, avoid also eating spicy and salty food. Women are not recommended pass a general urine test during menstruation and for 5-7 days after cystoscopy. Before collecting urine, make a thorough hygiene of the external genital organs. Urine squeezed from a diaper is not allowed for analysis. The material must be submitted in a sterile container intended for analysis.

Smears (cytological and urogenital): Refrain from urinating for 3 hours before passing the test. For 3 days, exclude sexual contact, douching, baths, vaginal suppositories, ointments, tampons. Do not take antibiotics and antibacterial drugs for 21 days. The analysis must be taken 3 days after the end of menstruation.

Excrements for analysis of helminth eggs: The material shall be collected only before hygienic procedures (shower, washing). The material after enemas, or use of candles, ointments, other medications or oral pills that affect peristalsis, including castor or vaseline oil, is not allowed. Feces should not contain foreign impurities, including urine. The material containered in a sterile box intended for analysis.

IMPORTANT! The tests results are affected by: medications, food, smoking, alcohol, physical and emotional stress, performed instrumental examinations and physical procedures, time of day (for blood tests), phase of the menstrual cycle (for a number of hormonal studies, blood tests for creatinine, etc.). It is important to remember that tests to control the results of treatment and tests to control blood parameters during treatment are prescribed at the time determined by the doctor. Be sure to consult with him about the deadline for passing control tests.

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