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Outpatient surgery

Also referred to as a same-day surgery, which allows a person to return home on the same day that a surgical procedure is performed. 

Outpatient surgeries do not require general anesthesia, long lasting preparations and eliminates inpatient hospital admission becuase are carried out within one day. Nonetheless we are very attentive to the treatment of patients requiring outpatient surgical procedures and do not perform such operations if the patient's condition, complexity of intervention, or procedures require in-patient monitoring.

Outpatient surgeries and procedures we perform

  • antiseptic treatment and wounds dressing
  • burns and frostbite treatments
  • biopsy
  • blockade in pain
  • holding a puncture
  • dermatological small surgery: warts, lipomas and others removal
  • treatment of hematoma, ater, fibroma, phlegmon 
  • boils and purulent abscesses treatment
  • treatment of panaritiums

Manufactura Clinic guarantees quality treatment in an outpatient setting. The clinic's equipment allows surgical operations to be performed quickly and bloodlessly.

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