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Physical therapy and massage

Therapeutic physical education (PE) is a wide range of physical activities focusing on restoring, maintaining of endurance, flexiblity, and movement activity aimed at achievment of medical goals at rehabilitation of patients. Usually it is a complex of sports activity and medical phisical exercises, based on thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which is an effective and affordable way of recovery, strengthening of health, rehabilitation after injuries and somatic diseases. Physical therapy uses specially selected physical exercises, often using sports or rehabilitation equipment, in combination with proper breathing techniques.

Here in "Manufactura" clinic we selected and set the therapeutic programs called to teach patients the correct position and safe gymnastic movements that strengthen the necessary group of muscles, restore joint mobility, ensure full and correct oxygen saturation and healthy cardio load. We offer individual and group classes for recovery after operations, injuries, treatment of spine and joint diseases, chronic fatigue, vegetative-vascular disorders, and general strengthening of the body and health. Therapeutic gymnastics is carried out in the operating mode of the clinic on the basis of the prescribed treatment scheme in an individual or small group manner, always under the supervision and with the help of rehabilitation specialists.

The therapeutic massage in addition to therapeutic gymnastics is also effective and prescribed as rehabilitation measures for chronic neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases of the spine and joints, for injuries and after surgical interventions. The main goal of therapeutic massages is a deep muscle warming-up to restore blood circulation, relieve tissue spasm, and restore muscle function.

Therapeutic massage is indicated in particular for neuropathy, osteochondrosis, inflammatory processes in ligaments and muscles, muscle dystrophy, scar adhesions, contractures of muscles and joints, but has proven its effectiveness in many other pathological conditions in complex rehabilitation measures. The massage as a preventive measure is recommended to prevent the occurrence of painful conditions and functional disorders, with chronic fatigue and body stiffness, as well as with a lack of mobility.

Services of physical therapy in Manufactura Clinic

  • individual complex of exersies aimed at specific therapeutic task
  • physical education classes with patient support until the therapeutic effect is achieved
  • training and teaching the patient and relatives to keep exercising at home
  • preparation patient for endoprosthesis and rehabilitation after endoprosthesis surgery
  • workout of patients having neurological pathology
  • supportive rehabilitation for cerebral palsy
  • complex of workouts for children with a lack of activity
  • "+7cm" which is activity program stimulating the growth for children 
  • therapeutic and preventive massages

We treat:

  • Diseases of the spine: osteochondrosis, hernias and protrusions of intervertebral discs, Schmorl's hernias, chronic back pain, sciatica, chronic pelvic pain, coccygodynia (pain in the tailbone), vertebrogenic radiculopathy.
  • Diseases of the joints: osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, Bekhterev's disease, arthritis, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, shoulder-scapular periarthrosis, "frozen shoulder", desmogenic contractures (sharp limitation of the range of motion in the joint after a plaster cast due to an injury ), rehabilitation after fractures, injuries and road accidents, myofascial syndrome.
  • Disorders of the functioning of internal organs: intestinal motility disorders (constipation), biliary tract dyskinesia, certain forms of dysmenorrhea, chronic adnexitis, fibrocystic mastopathy (pain in the mammary glands), obstructive bronchitis in adults and children, chronic prostatitis, hypoactive neurogenic bladder.
  • Vegeta-vascular diseases: migraine and other headaches, facial pain, dizziness (disorders of coordination), noise in the head, tinnitus, drops in blood pressure, dizziness, cardialgia (pain in the heart), with normal ECG results, dyscirculatory encephalopathy, vertebra - basilar insufficiency, vegetative-vascular dystonia, chronic tension pain, office syndrome.

There are different contraindications to exercise therapy that's why one should consult a doctor before start using it having a certain medical problems.

The main contraindications to PT are following:

  • mental disorder, as well as a serious condition, which is the reason for the lack of contact with people
  • disease exacerbation or its progressive course
  • increased cardiovascular insufficiency
  • tachycardia (more than 100 beats per minute)
  • bradycardia (less than 50 beats per minute)

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