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The doctor treats the allergy, its consequences, prevents its new manifestations as well as learns the causes of the body's hypersensitivity to certain allergen causing health deterioration and illness.

Allergy is a hypersensitivity, the body's response to an allergen, manifested by a deterioration in overall health or an illness of an individual organ, organ system or skin. In addition to genetic heredity, among the causes of allergies may be display of chronic diseases or disorders in the work of body's various systems like the immune system, endocrine organs, intestinal dysbiosis (change of intestinal microflora), chronic inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, vegetative diseases, parasites or to have a viral, fungal or bacterial nature. Ecology and stress may also cause allergies.

Why a visit to the allergist is important is known to those patients who used to have hard allergic attacks. But the manifestations of allergies are not rare or isolated. Most often, the allergy appears on the skin in a form of itchy rash (urticaria). Very often there is also skin and mucous membranes swelling, which can be local or general (Quincke swelling). Sometimes irritating allergen provokes the peristalsis disorders following with diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. If there is a swelling of the respiratory tract tissues, they can partially or completely overlap, which is life-threatening condition. Generalized form of allergy which is anaphylactic shock, develops extremely quickly and is dangerous. It is associated with impaired function of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. Anaphylaxis symptoms manifest themselves sharply, increasing from the simple allergic reaction to a severe condition: skin swelling and redness, itching, difficulty breathing, a sharp decrease in pressure, loss or turbidity of consciousness.

There may be individually, but food (such as nuts, seafood, chicken eggs, citrus, dairy products, etc.), medicines (especially penicillin antibiotics and anesthetics) and insect bites are the most common causes of allergy. All allergy forms are unpleasant, they can be harder with every new attack, and there are also those that cause serious or fatal consequences. That's why so important is to find out and know the individual sensitivity to different substances for everybody.

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Allergist consultation includes a attentive anamnesis collection to learn any form of previous allergy episodes and a detailed clinical analyzes like allergy tests (skin tests by the PRIC test method), blood allergies analyzes or allergopanels which shows  a large number of allergens at once.

"Manufactura" Clinic has everything you need for a complete diagnosis of allergy and provides consultation with the doctor which has efficient experience of successful treatment of adults and children.

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