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Oncology consultation

The oncologist examines the patient's history, complaints and results of diagnostic studies for the final oncological diagnosis of the disease. Not only current information about the general condition of the body and existing complaints is collected, but also the conclusions of other doctors based on the provided medical documents.

When is it prescribed and what does an oncologist's consultation include?

Patient would get a referral to a medical oncologist if a primary physician suspects a pathology in the organ's tissues or the bodily organ or system dysfunctions indicates malignant nature of the disease. Changes in clinical indicators of blood and urine, long-term functional disorders of the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system with unsuccessful treatment in previous diagnoses also may be reasons additional consultation with an oncologist.

At the oncologist's consultation, the patient is required to tell explicitly about his/her condition, symptoms (complaints, pain), provide medical documents with the results of previous examinations and doctors' conclusions, as well as other important information. A patients' personal impressions are taken into account no less than the results of diagnostic examinations, and together they become a guarantee of a correct diagnosis. Therefore, the more information you give the doctor at the consultation, the clearer the picture will be for him to determine the choice of additional diagnostic study of the disease and further choice of treatment tactics.

In most cases, an additional examinations is required to confirm or clarify the oncological diagnosis. It is on basis of their results and the information received from the patient, the oncologist can confirm cancer, establish the stage of development and the degree of damage to the whole body.

What is an oncological council or MOC

The cancer, even with the same diagnoses, has a very individual picture in each patient. The selection of an individual treatment regimen and the involvement of other physicians in complex cancer treatment is carried out by the oncologist together with a team of doctors of the oncology council, which is a mandatory and basic stage in the selection of cancer treatment strategy in the «Manufactura» clinic.

The oncology council (or multidisciplinary oncology commission - MOC) meets to consider each specific case of an individual patient and consists of practicing oncologists: chemotherapists, radiation therapists, oncological surgeons and other specialists of our clinic: radiologists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, endocrinologists. The commission studies the patient's medical profile: his general state of health, the presence of other diseases, the stage of oncological pathology, evaluates the prognosis of the disease treatment and risks. It is the work of the entire team that helps the oncologist decide on the most effective tactics for treating the patient and correcting accompanying pathologies or complications.

How to make an appointment with an oncologist

In the «Manufactura Clinic» medical center, you can make an appointment for a consultation with an oncologist by referral from the initial physician of our or other clinics. Consultation and treatment of patients with an already established oncological diagnosis is also carried out. To make an appointment for a consultation, choose the method that is convenient for you:

  • online registration by "Make an appointment" form on our website;
  • through the application "Patient's profile account";
  • by phones indicated on our website.
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