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Stroke Center

About Stroke Center in «Manufactura» Clinic

A special medical unit of «Manufactura Clinic» Medical Center provides timely specialised medical help to patients with an acute stroke and its consequences. Our stroke qualified team specialised to provide emergency high level treatment saving life to our patients, preventing complications accompanying a stroke, and returning the patient to a functional quality of life.

Our medical team relies not only on many years of medical experience, but also on modern treatment protocols approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Following these proven and effective schemes of emergency care and early rehabilitation ensures a maximum therapeutic result for each patient of our Stroke Department.

Treatment in our Stroke Center

During hospitalization at the clinic, the patient is assisted by a multidisciplinary team: neuropathologist, cardiologist, therapist (general practitioner or family doctor), anesthesiologist, functional diagnostics doctor, endoscopist, radiologist, ophthalmologist, staff of the clinical diagnostic laboratory, rehabilitator and psychologist.

Our powerful diagnostic department consists of round-the-clock laboratory, MRI and MSCT, ultrasound, endoscopy, EEG, and performs the necessary accurate examination in a timely manner to get the complete clinical picture of the patient's state and prescribe him an individual treatment program.

Specific medical therapy with the use of systemic thrombolysis is purposed to restore the blood flow in the stroke area timely. This significantly limits the volume of brain damage and ensures conditions for maximum recovery of the patient's brain tissue.

In «Manufactura Clinic» Medical Center we perform neurosurgical surgery for reducing the pressure of the affected areas on the adjacent healthy brain tissue.

The clinic also provides the stroke patients with early rehabilitation for restoring motor and speech functions, as well as psychological support for the patient.

Conditions of stay

We have the intensive care wards, where the patient's vital functions are monitored around the clock, as well as the comfortable inpatient wards, equipped with special comfortable beds, devices and adapted restrooms - all the necessary amenities for a patient's safe stay and movement recovery. To learn more about the Therapeutic, Surgical and Intensive Care Units of our hospital.

Patients have nutritionally balanced meals three times a day, all necessary medicines, medical and personal hygiene products.

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!! It is important to timely respond the stroke signs in relatives to preserve their life and health !!

Pay attention on the following main alarming stroke symptoms:

  • sudden distortion of the face, downward displacement of the mouth or eye corner - asymmetry of the face;
  • weakness or numbness of an arm or leg, or simultaneous numbness of both upper and lower extremities;
  • sudden deterioration of vision;
  • sudden dizziness;
  • impaired pronunciation or speech in general;
  • impaired swallowing function;
  • severe headache accompanied by one of the listed symptoms.

Such changes in well-being can be short, so people may not pay due attention to them, however, they demand the immediate doctor's observation.

Remember, in the first 3-4 hours, doctors are able to provide medical assistance by injecting thrombolytics into the body saving the brain part that might be affected.

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