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The urologist examines the causes and mechanisms of the development the urinary and genital organs pathology of men and women, diagnoses disorders in the genitourinary, prescribes an effective treatment and disease prevention.

During the consultation, the urologist collects anamnesis: asks the patient about the symptoms of the disease, about past illness and general changes in health. As a rule, initial examination and data collection are insufficient to make an accurate diagnosis and additional laboratory and instrumental examinations are required to prescribe effective treatment.

The laboratory, medical equipment and experienced personnel of our clinic perform effective not only basic examinations, but also additional detailed examination of the urinary organs to identify the smallest signs of health-threatening conditions. The urologist takes into account all previous examinations and conclusions of other doctors like nephrologist, gynecologist, andrologist and others. Therefore, when planning a visit to a urologist at «Manufactura» clinic, we recommend you take the results of previous examinations regarding your problem.

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Examination that can be done in our clinic to clarify or make a diagnosis by an urologist: endoscopy of the urinary tract, ultrasound, CT, MRI and contrast images with the injection of the substance through the urethra for visualization of ureteral narrowing, x-ray examination, cystoscopy, glomerular filtration speed, kidney's creatinine clearance examination, prostate tissue biopsy, laboratory tests.

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