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Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases: ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and thrombosis of blood vessels, heart rhythm disorders. Dispensary supervision and rehabilitation of patients with cardiac pathology.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiology is a basic discipline among all areas of internal medicine. Cardiovascular diseases are chronic diseases that develop imperceptibly throughout life, usually with progression of symptoms. Despite a significant decrease in mortality from these diseases in many European countries in recent decades, they remain the main cause of sudden death. Cardiovascular diseases also remain the leading somatic cause of disability. That is why the main task of the recent cardiology service is to prevent the disease, and if it is present, to adequately treat it, to prevent exacerbations and complications.

The development of chronic, non-infectious, cardiovascular diseases is related to a person's lifestyle: unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity, smoking, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, stress. These are interrelated factors that increase the effect of each other and reveal the total risk. Statistics from the World Health Organization show that more than three-quarters of deaths from cardiovascular diseases can be avoided by changing the lifestyle and habits of patients. Therefore, timely diagnosis of the body and prevention of diseases remain the main task not only of medicine, but also of the patients themselves.

Cardiologists of our clinic are basing on preventive cardiology in the diagnosis and theatment of number of various diseases realted to the cardiovascular system's work.  First of all, these are conditions associated with an increase or decrease in blood pressure: arterial hypertension, autonomic dysfunction of the hyper- or hypotonic type; violation of the heart rhythm and conduction, atherosclerosis of vessels and its consequences: coronary heart disease, heart failure; changes in the structure and function of the valve apparatus of the heart and other pathologies.

The advanced equipment of the "Manufactura" clinic allows us to make innovative and complex diagnostic procedures and manipulations. For the effective treatment, if neccessary, doctors of other specialties are involved as consultants like: thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, traumatologists, endocrinologists, oncologists. A comprehensive approach, experienced medical staff and up-to-date equipment allow us to quickly and efficiently perform the entire range of necessary preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

Don't postpone visiting a doctor for any unhealthy, possibly insignificant at a first glance symptoms, and for even more obvious first signs of heart or vascular disease. It is not superfluous to contact the doctor with the question of a preventive examination, even in the absence of complaints.

It is necessary to check the health of the heart:

  • if you have chest pains
  • if shortness of breath
  • if feeling weakness
  • if you have edema
  • if you have arrhythmias (disruptions in the work of the heart, attacks of palpitations or weak pulse)
  • if loss of consciousness
  • in the presence of cardiovascular pathology in close relatives (parents, sisters, brothers, children)

How to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment

We admit the patients for inpatient treatment at Manufactura Clinic for 24 hours a day by calling the clinic's phone numbers listed on the website. To get a consultation with a cardiologist, phlebologist, or neurologist, you need to make an appointment using the online form below or by phone. Take into account that previous extracts from the history of diseases, diagnoses, completed courses of examination and treatment will be useful and should be taken with you to the appointment or admission to the hospital.

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Hospital services

Here in "Manufactura" Clinic we provide qualified medical care both inpatient or as consultation. On the basis of the consulting, you can:

  • undergo preventive examinations of the heart health and blood vessels condiyions under the "Heart Health" programs;
  • get a qualified consultation of: cardiologist, phlebologist, neurologist;
  • undergo laboratory tests: general blood test and leukocyte blood formula, triglycerides, cholesterol, coagulogram, analysis for calcium, potassium, glucose, AST, AST, HGT, lipidogram and lipoproteins;
  • undergo an instrumental examination: daily blood pressure monitoring, daily electrocardiogram (ECG) and Holter monitoring, electrocardiogram, echocardiography, ultrasound of the heart, computed tomographic angiography and vascular doppler, which allow to fully assess the patient's condition and make an accurate diagnosis, even in the absence of clinical manifestations or when they are blurred.

During 24-hour inpatient or outpatient treatment we carry out:

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