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Consultation of a hematologist for the diagnosis of diseases of the blood system and symptomatic changes in blood parameters inherent in other diseases. We make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe the effective treatment, and provide the systematic observation for hematological pathology.

Consultation of a hematologist

A hematologist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the blood, hematopoietic organs and the lymphatic system. Hematological diseases include very serious and dangerous ones, such as leukemia and lymphoma. Regardless of the hematological disease's type, disorders of hematopoiesis and the lymphatic system have a significant impact on the work of the entire body, which directly determines the quality and length of life. Early detection of a blood disease allows effectively treat the root cause of the illness.

Blood illness can manifest itself in any age, it is important for the parents to know about the disease's symptoms and to seek medical help timely. Pay attention to the listed below symptoms, which all together or apart, are reasons to visit the hematologist for consultation:

  • pale skin
  • bruises on the skin, especially not related to injuries, nosebleeds or bleeding gums.
  • pain in the joints, bones, spine can be the beginning of a serious disease.
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • any deviations in indicators in the general blood test, which are prolonged or systematically manifested.

We advise not to delay visit and examination by a hematologist if the you or your child has the indicated symptoms!

Changes in blood tests can be manifestations of diseases of other organs and systems, so hematologists usually cooperate with other medical specialists. 

In our medical center "Manufactura Clinic" patients can pass all the necessary examinations and take consultations with specialists for the correct diagnosis.

Medical supervision by a hematologist

Patients with an established hematological diagnosis need long-term supervision by a hematologist. Our clinic provides medical support for the patients in following:

  • treatment in outpatient or in 24-hour inpatient hospital;
  • medical supervision after completion of therapy;
  • diagnosis, treatment and further supervision on an outpatient basis.

Visits for therapy control and dispensary observation are prescribed by a hematologist doctor individually and include the necessary analyses.

Diagnosis of blood diseases

Diagnosis of disorders in the hematopoietic system is carried out on the basis of a number of tests, and the following are mandatory:

  • Clinical blood analysis. It includes a complete blood count and leukocyte formula. There is an advanced laboratory operating on the basis of our clinic, where a general blood analysis is carried out using a hematological analyzer (hemogram), the calculation of the leukocyte formula is carried out by an experienced laboratory doctor. The general blood test is made on the materials taken from capillary (finger) or venous blood, while the indicators obtained by analyzing venous blood are more objective, since during its collection there is minimal traumatization of cells and there are no extra additives of tissue fluid.

Hemogram indicators include: leukocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, platelets (cells that form a blood clot), hematocrit (the ratio of blood cells to liquid plasma in the blood) and others.

  • Biochemical analysis of blood, on the basis of which it is possible to evaluate the work of internal organs - liver, kidneys, heart.
  • A coagulogram, which determines the effectiveness of the blood coagulation system and draws a conclusion about the body's ability to protect against bleeding.

To clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the most effective treatment, the examination may include a bone marrow puncture or a lymph node biopsy. Such diagnostic manipulations are performed under anesthesia.

In some cases, establishing a complete picture and scope of the disease as well as making a final diagnosis is supplemented by examination with diagnostic equipment (ultrasound, CT, MRI). They help to check the size and structure of internal organs for estimation of changes as a result of the disease or to detect bone changes or tumor formations.

In our clinic, we diagnose diseases of the blood system and symptomatic changes in blood parameters that occur in other diseases and, after making accurate the diagnosis, prescribe the necessary treatment.

Be healthy, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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