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The doctor diagnoses, treats and takes measures to prevent diseases of the rectum, colon and organs of the parrectal area.

Most diseases and pathologies of the large intestine, rectum, anus, and perineum are effectively treated in the early stages. One should not avoid the proctologist if the discomfort and the problem are slight or infrequent, as the disease can only develop and become deeper whilst the experienced doctor is able to resolve it faster than complicated cases. After 45 years of age, a regular examination by a proctologist is a mandatory part of the dispensary examination considering the higher risks of intestine cancer at this age.

Manufactura Clinic provides qualified assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower intestine's venous vessels, purulent-inflammatory diseases, hemorrhoids, cracks of the anal ring, paraproctitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, benign and malignant formations in the rectum and sigmoin colon, fistulas between the coccyx and the rectum, insufficiency of the anal sphincter, changes in the mucosa and tissues adjacent to the lower intestine and other proctological diseases.

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During the consultation, the doctor analyzes the patient's general condition, features of complaints and the course of the disease, the manual and instrumental examination are carried out and, considering the particular disease's specifics, the treatment plan to be selected. Additional examinations that can be done in our clinic are colonoscopy, rectomanoscopy (both procedures are performed with general anesthesia), X-ray, ultrasound, contrast CT and MRI.

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