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Otolaryngologist is an ENT doctor diagnosing and treating diseases of the nose's, throat's and ears' tissues and adjacent organs that are closely related to their work (trachea, cervical lymph nodes, tonsils, sinuses).

An ENT consultation is needed not only for an accurate and correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment, but also to determine the cause of a complication or disease of the respiratory organs. For example, a non-breathing nose is often a manifestation of an allergy to the results of previous treatment as well as a throat infection. That is why before prescribing a medicine, a laboratory analysis are required to show the causative agent of the infectious and the appropriate antibiotic effective to this agent is found.

During the initial consultation, the otolaryngologist asks the patient about his condition and past illnesses, methods of treatment, and frequency of illnesses. Examination of the ear, throat and nasal passages will be mandatory. Additionally, laboratory tests are prescribed: a general blood test, a swab from the throat and nose, in some cases, an X-ray of the paranasal sinuses, a CT scan and an MRI.

It is also necessary to consult an otolaryngologist for the removal of sulfur ear plugs, nasal irrigation, removal of foreign objects from the nose and ears, injuries or burns of the ENT organs.

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A very good clinic. Doctors and nurses are qualified. I visit it regularly, the staff is polite. I'm a patient of the clinic since the day it opened, never had any problems!

Special thanks to doctor Andriy Mateyko (ENT) - he is a professional in his field, I have never met a more qualified doctor!

(see: reviews about the doctors of the Manufactura Clinic in Google My Business)

Patient Sergiy Gluschenko