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Plastic surgery

Removal of congenital and acquired defects of the face and body with modern surgical techniques.

Plastic surgery includes the restoration of body parts' deformations due to medical indications, the elimination of congenital anomalies and defects obtained as a result of injuries. It helps to correct functionality of body parts and improve the quality of life. Plasty surgery is also aimed to improve the aesthetic person's appearance.

«Manufactura» Clinic carries out both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. We change the contours and proportions of the face and bodys parts, plasty of arms and legs, eliminate bone deformities, perform rejuvenating operations, perform breast reconstruction, remove excess fat deposits.

The plastic surgeons of our clinic are top-class professionals with extensive experience in plastic surgery. We use updated, safe and proven methods of plastic correction. The required corrective result and aesthetic effect are carefully considered and evaluated and always discussed with the patient.

Treatment scheme:

  • Initial consultation before setting the surgery date. The patient is examined, doctor and patien set the purpose of the correction, discuss the desired and possible result. The doctor explains an optimal surgery technique for obtaining the desired result.
  • Preparation for surgery. After the initial consultation the doctor makes a 3D model of the surgery goals (desired reults of operation). It is also the step of the examination of patient's health condition: laboratory tests and instrumental examination are carried out according to indications, and set up the surgery date.
  • The surgery is carried out in exact accordance with the pre-developed plan, agreed methods and according to the 3D model made by the doctor.
    • The recovery stage. It includes:
    • bandages and the necessary medical therapy,
    • postoperative observation,
    • long-term follow-up,
    • further counseling.
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