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Center for Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Maternity hospital in «Manufactura Clinic» Medical Center

The Center for Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the «Manufactura» Clinic is a specialized separate center that provides a number of services related to women's reproductive health. First of all, it is a maternity center, designed to support the health of pregnant women and women in labor, to control baby development, and to provide medical assistance in child delivery, including by caesarean section. We help, advise and take care of a woman's health from the start of planning for pregnancy  up to childbirth.

But our Center for OB/GYN is not only a maternity hospital. We provide qualified medical care for gynaecological diseases, perform gynaecological surgeries, cooperating with reproductive specialists, examine and consult couples who cannot conceive a child for more than a year or have a history of miscarriages or frozen pregnancies.

Our pregnancy management programs are based on the best obstetric practices, which include a mandatory set of diagnostic measures, both instrumental and laboratory studies for the most complete health control of the woman and the healthy baby development, as well as early diagnosis of possible extragenital pathology (EGP) - a woman's condition, which is not associated with gynaecological diseases or obstetric complications, but those which may have consequences for the pregnancy itself, the mother's or the fetus's health. For women with EGP, a particularly careful approach is required in planning for pregnancy and diagnosis during pregnancy, they also require constant supervision by specialty doctors and, often, the choice of a special method of delivery. In our Center for OB/GYN we provide a comprehensive program of pregnancy management of such patients and provide all necessary medical support.

We offer various pregnancy management packages, but they all include:

  • 24/7 medical assistance;
  • consultations and examinations of a qualified obstetrician-gynaecologist;
  • consultations and examinations of specialty doctors of «Manufactura Clinic» MC;
  • the entire diagnostic capabilities of «Manufactura Clinic» MC;

Our maternity hospital is a separate unit of the «Manufactura Clinic» Medical Center, but located right next door to it, having all the benefits of a suburban location and excellent infrastructure at the same time. Here, we embodied the experience of the best ukrainian and european obstetric hospitals and tried to implement not just comfortable conditions, but also technologically weighted solutions that ensure both - a comfortable and safe childbirth for a woman, and all the necessary means for doctors to provide the necessary assistance, including emergency, for the mother and baby.

The Center for Obsestrics consist of:

  • 2 modern delivery rooms;
  • newborns intensive care units;
  • adult intensive care unit;
  • comfortable maternity wards;
  • unit for obstetrics and gynaecology with neonatology.

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