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Doctor diagnoses and treats various skin diseases, appendages and mucous membranes. The dermatologist's field of study includes fungal and parasitic lesions (epidermophytosis, microsporia, pediculosis, scabies, demodicosis, etc.), viral (herpes, warts) and infectious lesions (hydradenitis, impetigo, furunculosis), skin inflammation of different nature (eczema, dermatitis), skin manifestations of certain body's system or internal organs maladies, mechanical and chemical skin damages,as well as benign neoplasms and malignant skin diseases (nevi, atheroma, melanoma lipoma, etc.).

A deep knowledges in various medical fields allows dermatologists to detect the connection between external manifestations and pathology of the internal organs, after all the skin often becomes a reflection of processes inside the body. It is important to distinguish body's cover disease itself from those infectious and non-infectious lesions, that have a nature ot internal organs illness. Such a differential diagnosis are provided by our dermatolosist in Manufactura Clinic.

Dermatologist's researches include a variety of skin tests, scrapes, overview of rash or other skin lesions. The material taken from the skin's surface is examined for cellular composition, the presence of parasites and signs of inflammation, changes in the epithelium and gland secretion's features. All these play an important role in the diagnosis, oftenly the same rash can be a manifestation of completely different pathological conditions, or even a variant of the norm, when it comes to, for example, hormonal changes.

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In the Manufactura Clinic we pay a particular attention to changes in moles, as they and other elements can pose a potential risk in terms of malignant rebirth. During the consultation the dermatologist exams birthmarks with a dermatoscope for the probable moles' changes. The doctor will also advise measures to be taken for skin cancer prevention, frequency of skin examinations and what to look for, as well as will reveal the slightest deviations towards pathology and refer the patient to the oncodermatologist for consultation.

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