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Diagnosis of level of visual acuity reduction and determination of their causes. Treatment of the eye mucosa infections, treatment of the dystrophic changes of the retina and eye injuries. Individual selection of lenses and glasses, consultations on the vision impairment prevention.

An particular vulnerability and complexity of the eye structure, its optic nerve and adjuncted apparatus make the high requirements for diagnosis and treatment methods. Modern ophthalmology is a peculiar combination of traditional techniques, high-precision microsurgery and the latest computer developments. Due to the intensive growth of the accuracy of video-diagnostics and micro-technologies, this medical branche is one of the fastest-growing areas of health science. The quality and capabilities of ophthalmology clinics in Kyiv depend equally on the doctors qualifications and on the funds invested in the new equipment purchase. Today, almost any consultation with an ophthalmologist, in addition to the traditional examination and surveys, includes studying the eye state provided by innovative video equipment.

Ophthalmologist consultation in "Manufactura" clinic includes first aid for eye injuries, inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva, and removes foreign bodies. The instrumental examination is performed in case of reduced visual acuity, a feeling of pressure in the eyes or a change in the image and other disorders. We involve other specialists of the clinic, if the circumstances under which the eye disease manifestations began give reason to suspect the presence of another disease. At the end of the prescribed course of treatment, even in the complete absence of complaints, a repeat visit to the ophthalmologist is necessary for controlling the treatment results.

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Ophthalmologist services

Thanks to the latest advances in science, our department of ophthalmology performs complex and effective surgeries for restoration of vision in cases, seemed hopeless even ten years ago. The only condition for obtaining the maximum result in ophthalmology, as in any field of medicine, is to seek help in a timely manner and carefully follow the doctor's recommendations.

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