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Competent diagnosis and treatment of the stomach and intestines diseases, acute and chronic liver, gallbladder and pancreas illness.

Correct and successful treatment of digestive system disorders and illness requires a detailed diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract and organs of digestive system. Consultation of the gastroenterologist must be accompanied by a set of diagnostic measures. Besides collecting complains the gastroenterologist assigns general and biochemical blood analysis, a coprogram, ultrasound of abdominal organs, fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS) (gastroenteroscopy), determination of gastric contents acidity level and determination of Helicobacter pylori infection. In some cases, computer or magnetic resonance scanning, or colonoscopy are required as well as additional consultation with the related specialists.
Our doctors use the most contemporary instrumental and laboratory methods of medical researches. Manufactura Clinic has an sufficient experience of diagnostics of the disease signs in its initial stage and of performing an effective treatment control.

You can get the complete gastroenterological examination and receive a thorough medical prescription for further treatment and follow-up examination undergoing our "Gastro Check-Up" program.

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Consultation with a gastroenterologist is required during relapses or during ongoing treatment for correction. Be sure to consult a gastroenterologist again if the symptoms of the disease do not disappear or change, you are concerned about other manifestations or any doubts about the results of treatment. Digestive diseases are systemic, often interrelated, and require individualized treatment adjustments. At the patient’s request or in complicated cases of the disease we offer hospital based treatment in the conditions of day-stay or 24-hours in the Manufactura Clinic.

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лікарі клініки мануфактура
Gastroenterologist, therapist
Experience: since 2014
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Experience: since 1995

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Many thanks to the gastroenterologist Snezhana Ihorivna Vengrinovich and endoskopist Andriy Myhajlyovich Kalyuzhnyy - they are experts!!! Thank you for the qualified scheme of treatment and good diagnostics. Very attentive and responsible doctors!!! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

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