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Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy (or ESWT for Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) belongs to noninvasive rehabilitation methods using devises for delivery of shock waves to injured soft tissue to reduce pain and promote healing.

The therapeutic effect is acchieved by accelerating of the regeneration of damaged tissues and relieve pain. Its effectiveness is based on the point impact of a high-energy infrasonic shock wave direct on the spot of damage and pain.  When passing through the tissue, the infrasonic shock wave affects acoustically compacted structures which is provoking loosening of calcifications, deposited salts and fibrous tissue growths. An additional therapeutic effect is a significant improvement in blood flow and stimulation of the formation of new capillaries. As a result, the therapy achieves a stable effect of relieving muscle tension, restoring tissue tone and elasticity and completely disappearing of the pain syndrome.

Shock wave therapy is used for diseases that lead to degenerative and trophic changes in bones, cartilage and muscle tissues, for changes caused by salt deposits, microcirculation disorders, and chronic inflammation that lead to fibrous remodeling of tissues, so it is indicated in the treatment of:

  • deforming arthrosis of the joints
  • plantar fasciitis
  • heel spur
  • hematoma
  • enthesopathies
  • bursitis
  • epicondylitis
  • tendonitis
  • gout
  • muscle hypertonicity
  • myositis
  • achilodynia
  • Dupoitren's disease

How shock wave therapy is performed:

Here in "Manufactura" clinic we execute shock wave rehabilitation courses using the "enPulsPro" device by "Zimmer MedizinSysteme", German manufacturer of advanced medical equipment. It has some advantages over other alike devices, in particular, the variability of nozzles used for different parts of the body. It also creates a much more comfortable shock pulse keeping the same level of energy, compared to similar devices, and therefore can be used even for the patients with increased sensitivity without additional analgesia measures. The therapeutic procedure shall be prescribed by a physician and the diagnosis and the exact area of ​​exposure shall be indicated. Depending on the disease's state of development or pathology process, the duration of the session varies within 3-7 minutes. The therapeutic effect is can be achieved in 7 sessions. The procedure is painless in most cases, but with strong inflammatory processes, some pain may be felt.

ESWT is not recommended for:

  • persons under 23 years old
  • pregnant women
  • at diseases of the hematopoietic system
  • if a benign or malignant tumors exist in the spot of exposure
  • with acute infectious diseases and some other conditions
  • it is forbiden to conduct ESWT for  patients with cardiac pacemaker

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