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Planning for pregnancy

Medical examination before pregnancy

The Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology of «Manufactura» clinic offers all neccessary preconception checkup which are helpfull not only for successful conception, but also good for preparing the mother's body have a healthy pregnancy - one that proceeds without complications for the mother and the child.

Planning for pregnancy is primarily a medical examination to identify and eliminate any diseases that may prevent successful fertilization, complicate the course of pregnancy, or pose a threat to the health of the child or mother or a threat to termination of pregnancy. The planning may also include following a diet to establish a healthy weight and balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Diagnosis and correction of the health state must be carried out by both parents at least three months before the planned conception.

In addition to the expected visits to the gynaecologist for the woman and the urologist for the man, it is necessary to schedule a visit to the therapist or family doctor. The therapist will prescibe the neccessary examinations to assess the health state in general, check the existing somatic diseases, as well as missing vaccinations against infectious diseases that must prevent the danger for future child's development. We also advise to visit a dentist in advance for the treatment and prevention of dental health, because untreated teeth are a source of constant infection in the body.

Our Center for Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommends the following list of laboratory and instrumental examinations when planning for pregnancy:

For both parents:

  • general urine test. It assesses, first of all, the health and performance of the kidneys;
  • general blood test. It helps to find out whether there are infections or inflammatory processes in the body;
  • biochemical blood test. It assesses the work of internal organs - heart, liver, kidneys;
  • examination for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis;
  • blood group and Rh factor test. It shows the compatibility of the blood of the parents - the last factors affecting the success of conception and the child's gestation.
  • fluorography of the chest cavity to rule out tuberculosis;
  • in some cases, consultation and examination by a geneticist may be recommended.

For woman:

  • reproductive hormone panel. It allows to check the level of sex hormones and thyroid hormones, which are determining the success of fertilization, bearing a child and a healthy pregnancy;
  • smear on the flora from the vagina. To detect pathogenic microflora, if it is present, and determine the condition of the uterine mucosa;
  • smear for cytology from the vagina (PAP test). It serves to determine the presence of changed cells that can turn into neoplasms;
  • test for TORCH infection. This is a group of dangerous infections for pregnant women that can lead to malformations of the fetus;
  • examination for sexually transmitted infections. Such diseases can cause problems when carrying a child;
  • blood glucose level test. It detects diabetes and other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • coagulogram - to detect abnormalities in blood coagulation;
  • ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

If you have miscarriages in the anamnesis or your relatives had genetic abnormalities in family:

  • genetic testing is recommended;
  • test for determination of antibodies to gonadotropin, phospholipids - to rule out antiphospholipid syndrome, which threatens miscarriages, malformations and fetal death;
  • in some cases it may be required to detect lupus coagulant and other factors of miscarriage.

For man:

  • spermogram to examine the quantitative and qualitative composition of ejaculate;
  • examination for sexually transmitted infections. Those can be the cause of chronic inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system leading to infertility in men.
  • hormonal, genetic studies and MAR-test may be required in addition. If there are signs or suspicion of infertility in the man, when couple is experiencing difficulties in conceiving.

We provide a comprehensive examination for couples who cannot conceive a child for more than a year or have a history of miscarriages or frozen pregnancies in order to identify reasons that prevent the onset and normal course of pregnancy.

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