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Health examination and doctor consultation for children from 0 to 16 years. Treatment and preventive examination, vaccination, nursing, and casework.

We know very well how important is to detect and diagnose a child's illness in time, as well as to prescribe an effective and an appropriate treatment, since in pediatrics, as nowhere else, the complications even of a common cold, for example, advances fast, and undiagnosed and untreated disease like digestive malady, grows into chronic health problems in a young patient. And vice versa, the sooner a health deviation is detected, the more likely a child is to have good health in adulthood. Therefore, we base pediatricians' work in "Manufactura" clinic on the principle of prevention on the one hand and a gentle, but the most effective treatment in child - on another hand.

At the same time, we are not only doctors who are "guided by modern recommendations and high international standards in medical practice", but we are also moms and dads, and we know how important it is for a child to feel safe, especially in communication with other adults. We are very attentive to the slightest manifestations of the disease as well as to the feelings of a child in relation to an adult in a doctor suit, because only in good emotions and comfortable feelings it is possible to reveal a patient's internal resource for recovery.

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There are pediatrician consultation not only for the youngest patients, we conduct a full examination and provide medical advice on health and development to all children and adolescents: nutrition correction, posture correction and prevention of orthopedic diseases, consultation with a pediatric gynecologist and urologist, physical therapy and massage, vaccination, full medical examination before visiting sports sections etc.

Our services:

  • Nursing and casework with children from birth to 1 year
  • Vaccination
  • Preventive medical examinations
  • Doctor on call (home visit) 
  • Inpatient treatment for children
  • Outpatient treatment for children
  • Physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage and rehabilitation

We treat

Seek the pediatrician advice not only in case of health deterioration in child, ask questions about child development, nutrition, care and vaccination. You can express your doubts or worries about the child; be sure to tell doctor if you or your relatives have systemic diseases that can be inherited by child, as it is better to detect the disease than to allow it to manifest itself and later treat a more complex case.

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Our specialists

лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, pediatric hematologist
Experience since 1988
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, neonatologist
Experience: since 2012
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician. Neonatologist
Experience: since 2010


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Date - 16.05.2023

About nutrition for children

Dr.Bazaluk, Julia, the pediatrician has answered parents' questions.


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Feedback about us

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the doctor I. V. Linnik. One can rarely meet such doctors! She is constantly follows us up (we were looking for a good doctor for our child for a very long time). The appointment lasts a long time, the doctor asks many questions, answers everything, looks at the child carefully, understands the problem, prescribes effective treatment, and gives good advice. You can always contact her at any time. Doctor with a capital letter! I recommend to everyone! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page)

User Viktoriya

I want to leave a review of pediatric neonatologist Mrs. Maria Lozyuk. Many thanks for the qualified consultation on the disease of the child and mother Hemolytic disease of newborns in AB0. For the first time for me, after giving birth, the question of what I can do and how to act, what I received professional advice from Maria Alexandrovna. It was not possible to come to the reception in person, because we live in the city of Zaporozhye. On the recommendations of friends and I do not regret it

User Iryna P.

I really liked the clinic. There is a parking with wheelchair accessible places. Very friendly staff, clean everywhere, lightfully. I especially want to note the approach to children, it is pure professional. The special thanks to pediatrician Shakotko Marina, who was in touch even during non-working hours. In general, I am satisfied with the service, the prices are reasonable, we will definitely contact you again. I wish you prosperity!

(The testimonial from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business)

User Oksana Lunova

I surely recommend the pediatrician Mrs. Lozyuk Maria Olexandrivna. The the good specilist, provides the evidence-based treatment, she is attentive and always finds an approach to children. My girls are observed for more than 5 years by her) Thank you very much, Maria Olexandrivna!

(The feedback from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business)

Patient Olha Prytulyak

The great clinic, and the most importantly the great pediatrician Mrs. Lozyuk Maria Olexandrivna! Our daughter is always in her safe hands and under careful mornitoring! Thanks to the recommendations of our pediatrician there have never been any health problems! Thank you for that!

(The feedback from our web-site)

Patient Vita

Mrs. Lozyuk Mariya Oleksandrivna is a very professional pediatrician!!! She is the only doctor whom I can trust my little cutie)). This is one of the few doctors who prescribes only evidence medicine and nothing over it!


The best doctor (pediatrician) - Mariya Lozyuk. Everything is clear, without fanatical prescribing all drugs. A very excellent specialist. We received comprehensive answers to all questions that we had.

(see: the feedback from the Manufactura Clinic page in Google My Business)

Patient Jurij Agasyan