User Yaroslav Olegovich

You are just heroes, the best! Without you, there is no place to ask help. My deepest gratitude to a team of professionals - from the chief physician to nurses and assistants! The food is great and all is for the soonest recovery! (Testimonial from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business).

User Oksana Lunova

I really liked the clinic. There is a parking with wheelchair accessible places. Very friendly staff, clean everywhere, lightfully. I especially want to note the approach to children, it is pure professional. The special thanks to pediatrician Shakotko Marina, who was in touch even during non-working hours. In general, I am satisfied with the service, the prices are reasonable, we will definitely contact you again. I wish you prosperity!

(The testimonial from the page of Manufactura Clinic Medical Center in Google My Business)

Patient Nataliya G.

Good evening, I was going to write for a long time and express my gratitude to all the staff of the Centre of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and especially to Dr. Yavtushenko, Olena Stanislavivna for my fabulous 9 months of pregnancy !!! For my beautiful daughter Ilonka. This is a wonderful place where true doctors work, people who save lives. I want to wish them all health, success, sympathy and also to have the happy emotions and moments like those you brought into my life.

Patient Taisiya G.

It's 1.5 months after birth and I found the power and desire to write a review. Thank you very much to the Obstetrics center in Manufactura Clinic for the professional doctors, nurses, and for the European service! There are everything necessary for a healthy, comfortable and pleasant stay of mother, father and baby in the maternity ward. I want to express my gratitude to the doctors: Knysh, Grinyuk, Yavtushenko and especially THANK YOU to Dr. Lelyak, nurse Oksana, and to neonatologist Dr. Bazalyuk for attitude, informational/moral support given after my discharge also. I will sincerely recommend everyone to give birth here!

Patient Mkrtchan, Lidia

The ambulance brought me in a serious condition to Manufactura clinic, immediately to the intensive care unit. Doctors very quickly carried out the necessary examinations and tests and accurately determined the cause. The very next day, after starting my treatment, I felt much better. I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the medical staff of the clinic who took part in my treatment. Both in intensive care and in the hospital, I met only kind, sympathetic and highly professional people. Thank you very much to all the doctors, the attending physician Lyudmila Ivanovna and nurses. Special thanks to the doctor-rehabilitologist Zhukovsky, Petr Nikolaevich. He is an excellent specialist, sensitive and kind person. If all medical workers in our country treated their patients this way, there would be much more healthy and happy people.

(The feedback from our website)


Mrs. Lozyuk Mariya Oleksandrivna is a very professional pediatrician!!! She is the only doctor whom I can trust my little cutie)). This is one of the few doctors who prescribes only evidence medicine and nothing over it!

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