User Yana

I really liked the clinic. The staff is very attentive and polite. My special huge thanks to the best doctor - Mr. Lelyak Oleh Fedorovych.

User Alina

I have underwent an outpatient rehabilitation course at Manufactura Clinic after left sided subcutaneous mastectomy for ductal carcinoma in situ with simultaneous implant placement. I would like to express my special gratitude to the rehabilitation specialist, orthopedist-traumatologist, well-skilled and professional doctor and just a good person - Zhukovsky Petro Mykolayovych. I wish there would be as many doctors like Petro Mykolayovych as possible. I am extremely grateful to him for his special approach to the patient and for the unique method of treatment. He helped me get rid of postmastectomy pain, to stretch postoperative adhesion, to correct my posture disorders and to prevent lymphostasis of the upper extremity. I would like to recommend this rehabilitation course to people who have encounted difficulties in finding a solution to their problem of recovery after surgery, injuries, posture problems, as well as in search of a reliable and qualified doctor ... There is always a solution! Thanks to Manufactura Clinic and Petro Zhukovsky.

User Yuliya Kargina

Kulyaba Yaroslav Mykolayovych. A truly competent person! Everything he does and how he provides information, gives a clear understanding of further actions, ease the patient's anxious and motivates him to recover, he's a great doctor. My mother Lysak Lyudmyla Ivanivna, she is being treated by Yaroslav Mykolayovych, and says he is heaven born doctor. I thank Mr. Kulyaba Yaroslav Mykolayovych and recommend him to everyone as an excellent specialist.

User Elena Drozdova

Great new maternity hospital! Our childbirth went with the utmost comfort. Doctors are professionals in their field, the team works like a well-coordinated mechanism. Special thanks to Olena Stanislavivna Yavtushenko for the support! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

User Julia Maydannyuk

Now there are four of us! I am happy that my youngest son was born in this PERFECT maternity hospital "Manufactura". I am extremely grateful to the really GIFTED DOCTORS who took part in childdelivery: obstetrician-gynecologist Yavtushenko Olena Stanislavivna and obstetrician-gynecologist Grynyuk Yulia Olexandrivna. They are very PROFESSIONAL in their field: highly qualified, competent, responsive and attentive. I am incredibly grateful to midwife Potenko Oksana Eduardovna for her professionalism, care and many, many kind words. I am extremely grateful that my youngest son was examined and nursed by very competent and professional pediatrician-neonatologists who love their profession: Bazaluk Iryna Andriivna, Vykrystyuk Natalya Vasilivna and Viktonenko Khrystyna Oleksandrivna. I am extremely grateful to all the kid's nurses and all the staff in general. Thank you all very much for our happiness. I highly recommend the maternity hospital in the Manufactura clinic for the highly professional staff, both the doctors and the entire staff, for the impeccable service, for the friendly atmosphere, for the happiness that your maternity hospital brings to people. P.S. I'm quite a picky person and it's not real to please me at 100%! But the maternity hospital in the Manufactura clinic managed to please me completely! At a million percent. No private clinic has yet met my expectations the way the Manufactory Maternity Hospital did! This is an absolutely PERFECT BIRTH CENTER.

User Alena

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the staff of the maternity ward of the Manufactura clinic, and especially to my doctor Oleg Fedorovich Lelyak. The birth of our son took place in the most favorable and comfortable atmosphere! Oleg Fedorovich listened to all my wishes regarding natural childbirth, directing and suggesting all the necessary actions. The result is a happy, unharmed mother and a healthy baby! Throughout our stay, we were surrounded by the attention and care of real professionals. This is the case when you feel that people are working here by vocation! (Reviewed by Google in Manufactura Clinic Medical Center page).

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