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«Child Care» Package

Manufactura Clinic offers a range of medical examination services for children of any age. The program includes scheduled examination services. Additional doctors' consultations or other types of examinations, that might be necessary for an in-depth study of the health basing on the results got during the scheduled examination, shall be paid additionally.

Doctors consultations:

  • pediatrician
  • neurologist
  • orthopedist
  • ophthalmologist

Laboratory analyses:

  • general blood test
  • blood glucose test
  • general urine test
  • stool analysis for helminth eggs
  • scrape for enterobiosis

Instrumental examination:

  • electrocardiogram with interpretation

Package offer cost: 6 050 UAH.*

*The offer cost is discounted. The other promotion discounts or card discount shall not be not added to the price of package.

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«Child Care» Package

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