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Metal osteosynthesis in fractures

Metal osteosynthesis

This is one of the advanced methods of treating complex bones and joints injuries with the help of special implants like plates, rods and spokes, used for external fixation of bone fragments and restoration bone unity. The fixing implants are produced of titanium or high-strength metal alloys. The stability of the connection is achieved by osteosynthesis with the help of clamps, it can be relative or absolute. Absolute stability consists in complete fixation of bone fragments in fracture that creates conditions for fusion without formation of a callus. The relative stability permits micro-movements in the joint area, which do not interfere with healing, but stimulate bone fusion.

This kind of osteosynthesis is the most effective surgery invasion in orthopedic and trauma. With its help a full or partial restorement of functionality after complex shrapnel injuries, fractures, congenital or acquired bone defects becomes possible.Usually treatment with metal osteosynthesis takes time and efforts, but the successful results justify them both. It should be noted that only a highly qualified specialist can determine which fixation scheme should be used in a given case. Manufactora Clinic guarantees qualified and reliable treatment of bone and joint injuries with the use of various types of osteosynthesis with metal constructions.

Metal osteosynthesis indications:

  • the fusion of complex injuries and fractures when other then surgery is helpless
  • in fractures posing a risk of damage to adjacent tissues by bone fragments
  • incorrectly fused fractures
  • slowly consolidated fusioning and prolonged bone healing
  • fractures with secondary displacement of fragments
  • when closed repositioning is impossible
  • deformation of feet and hands


  • significant area of damage in open fractures
  • infection of the fracture area
  • patient's severe general condition
  • severe osteoporosis
  • decompensated circulatory pathology

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