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Osteotomy and Arthroscopy

Osteotomy and arthroscopy are the main methods of surgical treatment of the degenerative-dystrophic joint diseases as well as treatment of fractures and their consequences.


Ця хірургічна операція з розтином  кісткової тканини або зі штучним переламом кістки покликана усунути деформації або покращити функції опорно-рухового апарату. Метою операції є надання функціонально правильного або вигідного положення кістки, а також відновлення опорної функції при лікування кульшових суглобів. 

This surgical procedure consists in a bone dissection or an artificial bone fracture and aimed to eliminate deformations or to improve the musculoskeletal functions. Surgery allows to correct bone position or change it in more favorable way in order to improve functuanality or to restore support function in case of hip joints surgery.

Indications for osteotomy:

  • improper bone fusion after fracture
  • ankylosis (coalescence) of joints in wrong position
  • limbs curvature due to rickets or other skeletal diseases
  • bone lengthening or shortening


It is a set of mini-invasive interventions in the joint cavity (methods of minimal tissue damage) for detecting tissue changes and for further treatment. Treatment is performed it two ways - either removement of the pathologically altered tissues, congenital or acquired defects, or the introduction of drugs directly into the affected area in order to accelerate healing in the joint cavity. There is no classical autopsies during arthroscopy, the surgery is executing through a small punctures (5 mm) in the skin and microdevice with a light guide and a camera (arthroscope) is introduced into the joint cavity.

The enlarged image is displayed on monitors, and this allows the surgeon to examine in detail bone and joint tissues' conditions, cartilage, meniscus, ligament, and so on. Patient's discharge is possible already after  -4 hours after diagnostic arthroscopy, in case of surgeries like meniscus removal or chondroplasty - the next day after surgery. Rapid recovery is possible due to the non-traumatic nature of the arthroscopy and no blood loss during execution, however it is highly recommended to follow the rehabilitation program carefully for minimization risks of complications.

The Manufactura Clinic has the proven experience of performing arthroscopic operations on shoulder and knee joints, as well as the arthroscopy for diagnostic purposes to objectively assess and monitor the treatment effectiveness.

Indications for arthroscopy:

  • pain syndrome of the shoulder and knee joints
  • subacromial conflict syndrome (impingement syndrome) of the shoulder joint
  • meniscus damage
  • synovial membrane disease and damage   
  • joint ligaments damage 
  • articular cartilage disease and its damage
  • fatty pads disease and damage
  • foreign bodies removal
  • meniscus removal 
  • damaged cartilage removal
  • plastics for ligament
  • diagnostic interventions in unclear disorders

Contraindications for arthroscopy:

  • impossibility of anesthesia
  • acute and chronic infectious diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis attacks
  • fibrous ankylosis
  • joint contracture
  • significant adhesions in the joint cavity

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