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Radiofrequency obliteration (ablation)

What is the procedure of radiofrequency obliteration (ablation) of the veins of the lower extremities

Radiofrequency ablation belongs to intravascular method of treating varicose veins. It bases on the affect of high-frequency currents (radiofrequency radiation) the inner surface of the vein, causing the vessel's lumen closure (obliteration effect) and the subsequenting complete resorption (ablation). RFA of veins is the advanced minimally invasive (versus the standard surgical intervention) and one of the safest methods of treating varicose veins.

How is the procedure

Under the radio waves, the varicose heats up, shrinks, closes and subsequently dissolves (or is replaced by connective tissue). The procedure is performed without general anesthesia, without hospitalization and allows the patient not to give up their usual regime and lifestyle.

The procedure is carried out in three stages:

1. Insertion of a ClosureFast™ catheter into a vein

2. Controlled heating and "soldering" of the vein

3. Removal of the catheter and closure of the vein

Before the ClosureFast™ procedure, the leg is prepared as following:

  • Ultrasound examination of the leg
  • Veins are marked with a skin marker
  • A compression jersey shall be selected and purchased

Access to the vein and a catheter placement:

  • Local anesthesia is used to avoid sensitivity to the vien access procedure.
  • The doctor accesses to the affected vein through a small puncture of the skin.
  • Once access is secured, the ClosureFast™ catheter is inserted into the vessel and advanced to the initial point of treatment.
  • The position of the catheter is controlled with ultrasound.


  • Local tumescent anesthesia is used in the treatment area. It is a subcutaneous injection of a cold saline as a protective and pain-relieving "padding" around the vein.

The main advantages of radiofrequency obliteration (ablation) of veins of the lower extremities

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure involves a minimum of surgical intervention with a significant therapeutic effect:

  • Fast visible positive result
  • Scientific clinical observations confirm the favorable long-term effect.
  • Low incidence of pain, bruising, complications and faster improvement in patients' quality of life compared to laser ablation.
  • On average, the patient returns to their normal lifestyle within a few hours after treatment.
  • Most patients notice a significant reduction in the unpleasant symptoms associated with varicose veins within 1-2 weeks after the procedure.
  • The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia
  • It is possible to treat even the later stages of the disease, which are accompanied by trophic skin disorders and the formation of ulcers.

The radiofrequency obliteration of veins is performed by experienced and well trained phlebologist surgeons in "Manufactura" clinic. Also due to our advanced equipment we guarantee safe and a high-quality result of the treatment.

In 2014 following the majority of world organizations, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, together with the Association of Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons of Ukraine, submitted the endovasal thermal ablation technique as a safe and effective technique for the treatment of subcutaneous vein pathology in its clinical and practical recommendations.

Now the procedure of radiofrequency obliteration (ablation) of veins (RFA, RFA) is the leader among the latest treatment methods without open surgery, even ahead of laser methods (less bruising and pain when using RFA compared to laser treatment).

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