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Surgical treatment of tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system

Detection of neoplasms in modern medicine is not difficult, the problem appears when errors occur in the assessment of detected tumors in combination with ignoring of the disease's first symptoms.  In further steps these all assessed as a waste of time for successful treatment of the patient. The clinical picture depends on the size, location and degree of impact of the tumor on the surrounding neurovascular structures. 

Up today's, tumors to be divided into:

  • neuroepithelial
  • tumors of the cranial and paraspinal nerves
  • tumors of the membranes
  • metastatic tumors

Each of these groups comprises tumors varying in degrees of malignancy, and depending on the malignancy, there is a choice or combination of the most effective treatments: observation, surgical removal (maximum possible or complete), irradiation (radiotherapy or radiosurgery). Any tumor of the central nervous system, despite its histology, size and degree of malignancy, has a number of manifestations that can and should be eliminated by neurosurgeons:

  • the growth of tumor tissues leading to compression of vital structures and as a consequence to disability of the patient.
  • tumor growth with an impact on healthy tissues and the appearance of secondary pathological processes leading to the death of the patient.

The Manufactura Clinic offers qualified neurosurgical care using the most modern equipment and surgery practice, providing the efficacious treatment. We have a neurosurgical microscope and endoscopic racks with tools for all types of surgery to remove tumors of different localization.

We perform the following operations:

  • Tumor biopsy with navigational planning and intraoperative navigational support
  • Microsurgical, endoscopic removal of convex and subtentorial extracerebral tumors, including extra-intracranial localization
  • Removal of tumors of the skull base
  • Pituitary tumor removal by endoscopic transsphenoidal access
  • Endoscopic and microsurgical surgeries for intraventricular tumors
  • Microsurgical and endoscopic removal of craniobasal tumors
  • Removal of cranial nerve tumors using microsurgical and endoscopic techniques
  • Removal of spinal cord and spine tumors

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