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Treatment of hydrocephalus and cerebrospinal fluid bypass surgery

Congenital anomaly, the result of brain disease or trauma lead to hydrocephalus, which is an excess accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricular system of the brain, disruption of its outflow, absorption, and sometimes its excess production.

Surgery is the main method of treatment of hydrocephalus. The goal of shunt operations is in the reducing of intracranial pressure and normalization of neurological functions. There are several types of shunts for the outflow of excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain. Cerebrospinal liquor bypass surgery has a risk of complications, so it is performed only by qualified neurosurgeons using shunts made of high quality materials.

The high level of medical equipment of our clinic, the latest treatment technologies and materials, surgical operations by the best neurosurgeons of Ukraine allows us to provide the most effective neurosurgical treatment of such diseases.

We perform the following operations:

  • Ventricular drainage
  • Lumbar cerebrospinal fluid drainage
  • Endoscopic surgery in hydrocephalus
  • Liquor bypass surgery
  • Surgical treatment of arachnoid cysts

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