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Khodosivka vil.

Kosyakov, Olexander

Оrthopedist, traumatologist

Experience: 20 years

Category: Higher. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

Qualification: Оrthopedist and traumatologist

Alma mater: National Medical University. O. Bogomolets

Doctor practices:

  • Practices the method of "bloodless" surgery: blood loss is minimized due to short incision (7-9 cm) and surgery's speed (45 minutes).
  • Knee joint replacement by endoprosthese
  • Shoulder joint replacement by endoprosthese
  • Elbow joint replacement by endoprosthese
  • Osteosynthesis (fracture's join) of the skeletal bones in all known ways: 
    • periosteal adjustable titanium plate with angular stability of screws
    • intraosseous blocking rods
    • spokes and rods of external fixation
  • Treatment of false joints:
    • Arthroscopy - minimally invasive (without incision) diagnosis and surgery of joint damage:
    • removal of meniscus
    • plastic bond
    • removal of free bodies

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