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Chemotherapist сonsultation


Chemotherapy is a powerful treatment with medications that destroy cancer cells or stop their growth. The task of the chemotherapist is rather difficult - to choose that group of chemotherapeutic medications which is powerfull against the patient's tumor, to tailor the individual treatment course that will allow to use the drugs with the maximum effect on the tumor and preserve the body's strength for recovery and full functioning.

Immunohistochemical studies of the tumor and knowledge of modern anticancer medications help the chemotherapist in selecting effective drugs. International treatment protocols, a thorough assessment of the patient's health state, and one's own medical experience help the chemotherapist to draw up an optimal treatment program for a patient. 

The work of a chemotherapist with a patient in the Oncology Center of "Manufactura" clinic is always carried out within the general comprehensive program of patient's treatment, adopted in the team cooperation of oncology council doctors - the radiation therapist, the oncologist, the anesthesiologist, the treating oncologist and other doctors who are involved in the team work considering the specifics of the patient's disease.

A good chemotherapist always sets the bar of treatment a little higher than usually given by medical statistics, because practice proves that the result of treatment with the same diagnoses is often different, and one cannot expect that one and the same treatment plan will have the same effect. Even with the pessimistic prognoses in the late stages of cancer, the chemotherapist's task is to prolong the patient's life as much as possible, preserving its quality. Being able to predict the body's response to the chosen course and the set goal of treatment, to analyze a minor changes or deviations from the set goal and to adjust the therapy to achieve the necessary result are based not only on the medical experience of the doctor, but also on his research skills, immersing in modern methodologies of cancer treatment and constant study of new chemotherapeutic medications.

The consultation of a chemotherapist at the Medcial center "Manufactura Clinic".

We provide consultation of a chemotherapist not only within the chemotherapy course or complex cancer treatment in our Cancer Center of the "Manufactura" clinic. You can contact us for a consultation if you want to get a second opinion of an expert regarding the prescribed or completed course of chemotherapy treatment, as well as if detoxification is necessary due to the effects of chemotherapy carried out in other medical institutions.

The doctor will need to study your medical history and, in the case of already received cancer treatment, with the completed therapeutic courses, as well as the current results of laboratory tests, and possibly prescribe additional ones for a more thorough assessment of your health condition. Therefore, we ask you to take medical documents, doctors' conclusions and test results, including those made after previous courses of treatment, to the consultation in order to provide the chemotherapist with maximum information about your disease and the body's reaction to treatment.

The task of our chemotherapy specialist's consultation will be to assess your body's response to the completed course of treatment and of the dynamics in the development of the pathological process. In the case of the need for detoxification, the cancer patient will get the personal optimal restorative correction tratment. Recommendations may be given to replace medciations or change their dosage. A complete change in the tactics of chemotherapy can be prescribed only by the decision of the treating oncologist.

In emergency cases, the patient is detoxified immediately upon admission to the inpatient or to the intensive care unit of our clinic. All necessary laboratory tests will be carried out by the laboratory of the MC "Manufactura Clinic" and handed over to the chemotherapist and attending physician to monitor the patient's condition.

If the patient signs up for a consultation with a chemotherapist after an initial diagnosis of cancer, a course of chemotherapy is prescribed after the thorough assessment of the patient's medical status and the selection of a comprehensive treatment strategy, which issued at the multidisciplinary oncology commission together with all its doctors and the attending oncologist.

To register for a consultation with a chemotherapist at the "Manufactura" Clinic, choose the most convenient for you:

  • online registration by "Make an appointment" form on our website;
  • through the application "Patient's profile account";
  • by phones indicated on our website.

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