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Pain syndromes cure, surgical treatment of spine and spinal cord diseases or injuries

The main causes of pain at spine diseases are equally determined by prolapse, disc protrusion, cerebrospinal fluid, epiduritis, narrowing of the intervertebral foramina, stenosis of the vertebral canal, spondylolisthesis.

Surgical treatment is prescribed in case of prolapse, compression of vertebral discs, the presence of tumors in the spine and depending on the amount of pain or lesions of segments in the foci of osteochondrosis.

We perform the following operations:

  • Epidural and epiradicular pharmacotherapy at radiculitis
  • Nucleotomy by puncturing laser
  • Endoscopy and microsurgery at discogenic osteochondrosis
  • Decompression at spinal stenosis
  • Variaty spinal stabilization methods like puncturing, open, dynamic or rigid spinal stabilization surgery.
  • Puncture vertebroplasty at spinal fractures, critical osteoporosis or aggressive hemangiomas.
  • Puncture, endoscopy, microsurgery at spine or spinal cord tumors.
  • Nerve structures decompression, deformation correction and spine fixation at fractures or scoliosis causing neurological manifestations.
  • Prosthetics of intervertebral discs with the mobile and immobile systems.
  • Puncture kyphoplasty.
  • Surgery at Arnold-Chiari anomalies.
  • Microsurgery at hydromyelia, syringobulbias, cerebrospinal fluid cysts of unspecified genesis.

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