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Radiation therapist consultation

Radiation therapist consultation at the Cancer Center of "Manufactura" clinic

Radiotherapy in combination with other methods of cancer treatment has long been proven to be extremely effective. In the initial stages of the cancer, the radiation therapy allows to achieve a full recovery, and in the later stages, it helps to improve the quality of life and increase its duration. However, the radiation therapy has shown its effectiveness not only in the fight against cancer. It is also successfully used in the treatment of some non-cancerous diseases: osteoarthritis, spondylosis, panaritium, hidradenitis, acute and chronic inflammatory processes, etc.

At "Manufactura" clinic,  the radiation therapist consultation is carried out not only in the comprehensive cancer treatment of our Cancer Center's patients of. We provide individual consultation to patients regarding the effectiveness of radiation therapy for their disease, who have undergone or are undergoing chemotherapy, hormonal, surgical treatment or have received radiotherapy courses at other medical institutions as well as cases of non-cancerous diseases with indications to radiation therapy.

The initial radiotherapist consultation includes studying of all conclusions and diagnostic examinations received in completion of treatment courses. In some cases, additional examinations may be prescribed. The radiation therapist analyses the information and provides expert opinion on the disease with an assessment of the prospects for radiotherapy.

If a cancer disease is subject to radiation therapy, its courses are prescribed by a multidisciplinary oncology commission (an oncology council) in a complex and combination with other types of cancer treatment. Courses of radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) are carefully selected by the radiation therapist only individually.

The radiation therapist studies the tumor location and its characteristics for tailoring such a course of therapeutic influence that allows 100% use of the radiation device capabilities to achieve the maximum therapeutic result. For this, the therapist performs topometric preparation of the patient, calculates the conditions and time of irradiation of a specific area - the so called irradiation plan is being drawn up. Before the course starts, all calculations are transferred to the patient. You can learn more about radiation therapy, and the procedure of patient preparation, and rehabilitation in the "Radiation Therapy" page of our website.

Registration for a radiation therapist consultation in the "Manufactura Clinic" Medical center

You can sign up for a consultation with the radiotherapist in our clinic choosing one of the following:

  • by phones indicated on our website;
  • through the application or the web version of the "Patient's profile account";
  • online form "Make an appointment" from our website.

All medical documents and the results of examination, as well as conclusions or, if available, a written medical referral from the treating therapist are required for the consultation.

What documents are needed for the consultation:

Make an appointment

Your name

Phone number



Desired date