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Surgery at craniocerebral and spinal cord injuries

The traumatic brain injury is a combined trauma of the skull and brain. Severe brain injury is often possible without damaging the skull bones. The severity of the injury and the prognosis are determined by the degree of brain damage. Spinal cord injury is diagnosed by the objective symptoms and circumstances of the injury.

The cure of craniocerebral injuries and spinal cord injuries in the acute period are always carried out in the hospital of the neurosurgical department, and medical measures are aimed at maintaining vital functions: recovery and maintenance of respiration and heart function. And the most important step in achieving the efficacy of surgery is the postoperative rehabilitation of the patient.

In the Manufactura Clinic leading neurosurgeons of Ukraine perform operations of varying complexity at the spinal cord and brain, using proven and effective methods of neurosurgery.

We perform the followng operations:

  • Surgical treatment at craniocerebral and spinal cord injuries
  • Surgeries at depressed fractures of the skull
  • Removal of shell traumatic hematomas
  • Surgical cure of brain contusions
  • Removal of intracranial foreign bodies
  • Cranial reconstruction including 3D simulation of the explant
  • Endonasal endoscopy at nasal cerebrospinal fluid
  • Transcranial surgery at nasal and ear cerebrospinal  fluid

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